Fed-Up Christian Doctor Hits 'Seditious' Anti-Trump Christians with Brutal Message


It often seems that President Donald Trump is being attacked from all sides — including from conservatives.

Call them the “#NeverTrump” crowd. That hashtag came to represent hard-right conservative Republicans who refused to support Trump during the election, but no matter how you label it, the trend has continued even after the unexpected winner took office.

There is a list of reasons to dislike Donald Trump: his blunt demeanor, his past personal indiscretions, his sometimes crass remarks. Some would say those qualities made him more authentic and helped him connect with the everyman, but there’s no denying that he’s a divisive figure … especially among Christians.

Now, a former Special Forces doctor who is also a strong Christian is speaking out about people of faith who continue to squabble with President Trump — and he had harsh words for voices who are still repeating “#NeverTrump” talking points.

“I hate to call out my fellow Christians but somebody’s got to say it. Might as well be me,” wrote Omar L. Hamada in a lengthy Facebook post Thursday.

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“We are in a war. There are two sides,” Hamada continued.

He knows a few things about actual war: After receiving his M.D. degree, Hamada spent a decade in the U.S. Army Special Forces, commonly known as the Green Berets. The doctor and lieutenant colonel put his medical knowledge to use as a flight surgeon and diving medical officer during this time.

Hamada, however, is more than just a healer and a soldier. He is also an ordained minister and holds a master of theological studies degree. Whoever said the “warrior monk” was just a myth?

The “war” the doctor was talking about, of course, is between those who envision a strong country based on its founding principles, and those who wish to “change” the nation into something socialist, corrupt and distinctly un-American.

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In Hamada’s view, Trump might not be the most godly man to ever walk the earth, but he has shown a surprising willingness to seek wise counsel and put strong people of faith in key positions.

“When you pile on and add to the attacks and efforts to invalidate and dismantle this administration seeking to do justly though through an admittedly faulty man who has intentionally surrounded himself with MANY Godly men and women, and instead either directly or indirectly support the opposing worldview, you are being just as seditious as the Leftists,” the former soldier wrote.

Pulling no punches, Hamada called out conservative and Christian anti-Trump voices for aiding the opposition.

“But it’s worse because you’re also duplicitous. You are playing all out for their team,” he wrote.

“I’m truly amazed that you’d really and truly prefer a woman who is in favor of abortion, dismantling the military, advancing the cause of a one world government, increasing taxation, enlarging the government, rewriting the Constitution, increasing religious restrictions, destroying traditional marriage, advancing gender confusion, supporting the spirit of the anti-Christ, etc,” Hamada wrote, without using Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s name directly.

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“What are your motives? What’s your ultimate goal? A more ungodly society? Does that make you feel more holy?” he asked.

Working his outrage into a fever pitch, Hamada scolded those who act like modern Pharisees, critics who pretend to be above reproach yet are the epitome of hypocrisy.

“Yes, I’m angry. Especially because I know many of you — especially those of you who are leading the charge,” he wrote.

“How you feign righteousness yet unrepentantly take advantage of others, cheat in business, live with ongoing unforgiveness and bitterness, say one thing then intentionally do another to benefit yourselves,” the battle-hardened minister stated.

“Be sure you know who’s side you’re on,” Hamada concluded. “Quit fooling yourselves. You’re not fooling the rest of us.”

It’s a very strong point. Christians, frustratingly, seem addicted to finding fault with others, yet often fail to remove the plank from their own eye. It’s worth remembering that the Bible is full of instances where flawed men — from David to Moses to Solomon — were called to do great things.

There’s a saying within the medical community: Perfect is the enemy of good. Sometimes, delaying a procedure or trying to make it textbook perfect wastes precious time, when effective but imperfect action might save lives. In battlefield medicine, perfection is a luxury that soldiers do not have.

Dr. Hamada knows this … and it may be time for many conservatives to climb down from their sanctimonious perches and acknowledge it, too.

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