Fighting Nuns Refuse To Stop Boxing, Come Clean About Reason Behind It


When you think of nuns, you probably don’t think of boxing.

You may think of dark clothing, meekness, and Whoopi Goldberg, but boxing doesn’t seem like something that nuns would be associated with.

But for some of the Capuchin Sisters of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, boxing is just a normal part of their daily routine.

“Sport is part of a normal, healthy lifestyle and we need to keep fit,” said Sister Cecylia Pytka in an interview with ABC News. “And especially now we need to get into shape before the hard work ahead of us.”

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In a recent video that has been circulated, young women can be seen sparring, working out, and making use of the various equipment in a gym.

All the while, of course, still dressed in their habits. That’s dedication!

Most of this has gone on behind the scenes, but recently the sisters decided to reveal their routines to the world for a very specific reason.

Their orphanage needs renovating. In order to comply with coding requirements, there are a lot of repairs and updates that need to be made in order to keep the housing safe for the children they provide for.

“We have been running our Orphanage in Siennica (Poland) for over 20 years,” reads a translation of a post on their Facebook page. “The renovation must be done quickly due to the official regulations.”

“It is all for the children’s safety so we take the challenge. The costs are huge – that’s why we ask you for your help.”

“We need the equivalent of $100,000 and that’s quite a sum for us poor nuns,” Pytka said.

Sister Anna Gadzala knew that getting these nuns in front of the public eye would help their cause. “These days if you need help you need to be noticed first,” she said.

“The Holy Spirit inspired us to do a video – and it looks like it’s working. Some money started coming our way! We’re getting more attention than we had hoped for.”

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Their post on Facebook further explained why they produced the video and gave specifics for those who might be interested in helping out:

“We are training hard because THE RENOVATION OF OUR ORPHANAGE IS COMING SOON! But we can’t do this without your help! Please, SHARE THIS POST and / or help by making a DONATION on our bank account: PL46124027021111000030416899 SWIFT: PKOPPLPW ‘Orphanage in Siennica'”

“We will never throw in the towel! For the sake of our kids, we will fight to the end,” Pytka told ABC. “I hope the video we posted shows our determination and fighting spirit.”

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