Flashback: Obama Brags That He May Have 'Drank a Six-Pack in an Hour'


If we’ve learned anything over the last few weeks, it’s that liberals may be the new prudes.

As the unproven allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh fell apart, Democrats quickly pivoted to focus on another angle of attack: His drinking.

During the Senate Judiciary Committee questioning and then in the media, liberals latched onto Kavanaugh’s admission that he — gasp! — enjoyed beer in his late teens, when the drinking age was lower, and in his early 20s.

This sent the left into a fit of the vapors, as they tried desperately to portray the respected judge and family man as a raging alcoholic based on his habits from almost four decades ago.

“Kavanaugh’s drinking needs investigating,” declared left-leaning Slate, clutching at their proverbial pearls.

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“Kavanaugh, so many have come forward describing your abuse of alcohol,” California Rep. Maxine Waters declared on Twitter. “I think it is important that the American people know if you have ever sought treatment for alcohol abuse.”

Yes, because a man admitted to enjoying drinking with his friends in college, elected officials are now implying that he’s unfit to serve on the Supreme Court. When did the left become so downright priggish?

They certainly had no problem embracing college-age boozing back when another prominent person admitted to teenage indiscretions.

That was Barack H. Obama.

As The Daily Wire‘s Ryan Saavedra reported, during a 2001 interview with The History Makers — a non-profit that focuses on African-American oral history — the then-Illinois state senator admitted to drinking, fighting, and even taking illegal drugs in his youth.

“I was a thug,” the future president stated on video. “I got into fights.”

“I drank and did — and consumed substances that weren’t always legal,” Obama continued, without a doubt talking about drugs.

“I might have drank a six-pack in an hour before going back to class.”

Based on widely available blood alcohol concentration charts, six beers in an hour would put a 180-pound man at a blood alcohol content of 0.12, far over the legal limit and quite intoxicated by any standard.

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“At six drinks … vomiting usually occurs,” explains Verywell Mind, a health website. “Vomiting is the body’s first line of defense against overdose.”

Yes, this is the great liberal role model of our time, bragging about getting fall-down drunk between classes. That’s without even mentioning the illegal drugs.

Is the Kavanaugh case exposing liberal hypocrisy?

We already know that liberals not only raised Obama up as some sort of leftist messiah, they then elected him president — twice.

But here’s a tidbit that has been largely forgotten: Democrats were also clamoring to have Obama considered for the Supreme Court after he left the White House.

“Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said she was open to appointing President Obama as a Supreme Court justice,” CBS News reported back in January 2016.

“Wow, what a great idea,” Clinton gushed after a supporter brought up the possibility. “Wow, I love that, wow. He may have a few other things to do, but I tell you that’s a great idea.”

“He’s brilliant and he can set forth an argument and he was a law professor. He’s got all the credentials,” the then-presidential hopeful continued at the time, making it clear that she could see Obama on the nation’s highest court.

Clinton, of course, knew very well that Obama had been a boozer and drug user in his college days. After all, she had campaigned against him in 2008 and no doubt had a stack of opposition research against his vulnerabilities.

The failed “Madam President” wasn’t the only liberal to get giddy over the idea of Obama on the Supreme Court.

“(W)hat Clinton should do if she wins is make clear that her choice will be none other than Barack Obama, a former professor of constitutional law, and the perfect choice to assume his place on the nation’s highest court,” declared Boston Globe opinion writer H.D.S. Greenway in 2016.

There it is, plain as day: The left had absolutely no problem with Barack Obama, of all people, serving on the Supreme Court — back when they thought it was guaranteed that Clinton would take the White House.

They jumped at the prospect, knowing full well that the 44th president had consumed alcohol to excess and used drugs in his college years. It’s no secret that Obama continued to drink in his presidency, and apparently didn’t even have the self-control to quit smoking after he took office.

Yet we’re expected to believe that Kavanaugh, a skilled legal expert and judge by all standards, is disqualified because he drank in his youth.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t destroying a good man in the process. The double standards and hypocrisy of the left have once again been exposed.

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