Follow the Money: Clear Paper Trail Found Between Paid Anti-Israel Agitators on US College Campuses and Soros Foundation


It seems that notorious billionaire and real-life James Bond villain, George Soros, has struck again.

This time, it appears he has entered the arena of the suspiciously well-organized and well-funded anti-Israel protests plaguing highways, public spaces and college campuses.

Folks first got suspicious seeing how the student encampment protests at various colleges around the country, starting with Columbia University in New York, all had identical tents, with even NYC Mayor Eric Adams asking, “Why is everybody’s tent the same? Was there a fire sale on those tents?”

Likewise, as with any college protests since the birth of this deplorable trend in the 1960s, the question as to whether these blights on society had real jobs also prompted some deeper digging.

And, according to an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, all roads led back to the infamous Jewish-Hungarian billionaire, George Soros.

WSJ Reporter Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison, Employer Calls It a 'Disgraceful, Sham Conviction'

The Journal explained that two of the most prominent protesters, who have kept re-emerging despite setbacks such as arrests, were “youth fellows” of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights. They identified the two as University of California Berkeley law student Malak Afaneh and Yale University senior Craig Birckhead-Morton.

As “youth fellows,” these irritants have received stipends of $2,880 to $3,360 to work about eight hours a week for a three-month period, essentially getting paid to protest and ruin everyone else’s days.

And the money for that organization came from Education for Just Peace in the Middle East, which has received gobs of money from — you guessed it — George Soros.

The New York Post likewise informed readers that Soros’ Open Society Foundation has given that group at least $300,000 since 2017, while the Rockefeller Brothers Fund had given them $355,000 since 2019.

Should there be an investigation into these paid agitators?

According to the Post, the funds given to these terrorist-supporting radical college students have covered free pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and other overpriced food items for encampment residents.

The Post reported that the students paid by Soros and his minions have been specifically instructed to “rise up” and spark “revolution,” while rejecting “reform.”

Technology publication Wired tried to cover for these indefensible protesters, claiming that the idea that they have received extensive funding from Soros and Co. was just a “baseless conspiracy theory.”

Wired seemed to think that, since the tents that appeared at the student protests were among the top search results for retail websites like Amazon, that was proof that the students acquired the massive amounts of identical tents on their own.


Tide Turns as State Supreme Court Backs GOP Governor on Removal of Soros-Backed Prosecutor

Perhaps it would be best to stick with technology and stay out of politics, Wired.

Besides, this would have been far from the first time that Soros- funded groups practically engineered to tear the fabric of American society asunder.

Soros has been notorious for using his extensive wealth to fund radical, far-left policies and activism, actively seeking to destroy the United States from the inside out.

Indeed, this was yet another example of Soros and Co. pumping money into organizations dedicated to sowing discord and animosity in America.

Remember, Soros has been credibly accused of “hating humanity,” and once said he “fancied himself as a god” and believed that the U.S. is a “threat to the world.”

He would know exactly what he was doing in funding the pro-Palestinian protesters.

This, then, was by no means the first time the Open Society Foundation has worked to drive Americans apart using the Soros family’s vast fortune.

But, perhaps, if folks help increase awareness of Soros and his shady schemes, maybe it could be the last.

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