Footage of Kelly Clarkson's Full 'American Idol' Audition that Was Never Aired on TV

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This past year, the first singing competition show, “American Idol,” came back to TV screens for its reboot. Millions of Americans watched and voted Maddie Poppe from Clarksville, Iowa, as this year’s winner.

For many Americans, including myself, this show has brought us laughs, tears and dreams since June 2002. The show has produced many stars including Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, and Scotty McCreery.

But no one can forget the young girl from Joshua, Texas, who auditioned for the very first season and ended up winning it all: Kelly Clarkson.

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Clarkson blew away the judges and fans with her beautiful voice and high range. Today, the Grammy-winner is now a mentor to those who dream of becoming singers on “The Voice.”

Recently, a fan noticed that Clarkson’s full audition was never aired on television and decided to post a video of all her audition clips together. The result was a fun-filled video that would leave viewers with a smile.

It began with a young Clarkson waiting with Ryan Seacrest before the audition. She gave a twirl to show off her top that she made from an old pair of jeans, and said she would go into fashion design if this audition didn’t work out.

She started her audition with “At Last” by Etta James, and the judges watched intensely as she belted out the notes. She was asked to sing her second song, which was “Express Yourself” by Madonna.

“I loved that song. I worked on that song with Madonna,” Randy Jackson, one of the judges, said. “You did a very good job.”

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell burst into laughter at his comment and Clarkson joked that he should try out for the show.

Jackson decided to take her up on her offer, and, to the audience’s delight, switched places with Clarkson.

Clarkson immediately seemed to be very comfortable behind the table with the other judges, and the three of them were having a grand time messing with Jackson.

“Randy is now standing at the audition position,” a very confused Seacrest said to the camera.

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The judges and Clarkson gave a yes to Jackson, and he ran out to celebrate with Seacrest.

As he came back in, the judges were ready to give Clarkson their answer. Jackson and Abdul gave confident yeses, while Cowell had a condition.

“Yes to Hollywood on one condition: That you tell Ryan out there to redo his highlights,” he said. Clarkson agreed and went outside to celebrate. She did follow Cowell’s request and told Seacrest to get his highlights redone.

For many “American Idol” fans, this video brings back the wonderful memories of watching dreamers become superstars. From the auditions to the finale, viewers love watching these singers grow to their full potential.

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Allison Kofol is an editorial intern for The Western Journal. She is a student at Grove City College and will receive her Bachelor's Degree in Communication next year.
Allison Kofol is an editorial intern for The Western Journal. She is a student at Grove City College and will receive her Bachelor's Degree in Communication next year. In her spare time, she sings, writes music, crochets, and eats Chick-fil-A. She also loves to spend time at a local jail, where she leads Bible studies with incarcerated women.
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