Former Aide Reveals Giuliani Has Only One Wish - 'To Die a Free Man'


A disaffected former aide of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani made a dramatic assessment of Giuliani’s priorities in a Tuesday CNN segment.

His former press secretary claimed that his former boss had “lied” in connection with litigation after the 2020 election.

Ken Fyrdman was Giuliani’s press secretary in his first New York City mayoral campaign.

The operative claimed that Giuliani’s goal was to “die as a free man,” suggesting that the former mayor could end up imprisoned.

Fyrdman accused Giuliani of “concocting this false elector scheme” in connection with his legal efforts after the election.

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He added, “Rudy flew too close to the sun, he got too close to Trump, he got burned.”

It’s not clear what criminal charges Fyrdman envisions Giuliani facing.

Is this a political prosecution?

Fyrdman had sharply attacked Giuliani as a “conspiracy nut” in 2019, according to MSNBC.

The FBI raided a personal residence of Giuliani last year, seizing several electronic devices.

Giuliani is reportedly a target of a Georgia criminal probe scrutinizing the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

The probe is investigating attempts to appoint alternate slates of electors to contest the results of the election in key states. None of the alternate electors ever cast valid electoral college votes.

Giuliani testified to a grand jury at the Fulton County Courthouse in connection to his work as former President Donald Trump’s lawyer on Wednesday, according to the Washington Post.

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A Democratic prosecutor has also compelled Trump into a deposition appearance.

Long before the 2020 presidential election, Giuliani earned the moniker “America’s Mayor” as a result of his leadership amid the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Giuliani has slammed Attorney General Merrick Garland following the unprecedented FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

The raid has spurred fears that Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice is preparing a wave of politically charged prosecutions targeting former Trump administration officials and advisors.

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