Former TV Host Dares Leftists to Cancel Him After Quitting 'Un-American' Hollywood


Christopher “Cade” Courtley, the former host of “Surviving Disaster,” did not mince words in a recent interview in which he expressed his passion for his patriotic business.

Courtley told Fox News that he enjoyed performing stunt work and acting in the California entertainment industry after serving as a Navy SEAL but eventually ended his show after only one season because he felt the environment was politically hostile.

“You’re not going to be working in that business if you have patriotic or conservative values. That’s just the reality of that business. So I made a personal decision that my beliefs are more important than getting a pretty decent paycheck in that town and having my own TV show. And I am super happy with that decision,” he said.

The veteran and stuntman founded Victory Coffees, a monthly coffee subscription company based in Austin, Texas, in 2016 so he could be open about his love for the United States in an effective way.

Despite an unsuccessful appearance on “Shark Tank,” the company has continued to thrive in recent years.

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In his interview with Fox, Courtley also voiced his strong opposition to cancel culture and dared people to try and come after him for being unapologetically patriotic.

“Now I can go out there and … tell the world that at Victory Coffees we believe in liberty, freedom and the Constitution of the United States and if you have a problem with that, just try and cancel us. Ain’t going to happen,” he said.

He also described how conservatives can fight cancellation from the left, which usually comes in the form of losing opportunities or facing a disturbing amount of vitriol on social media.

Are you concerned about cancel culture?

“If somebody doesn’t like [your opinions] or hates you, you still have to press on and continue to have those beliefs and that conviction,” he said.

“And if we do that, the cancel culture will be canceled. It will just go away when people realize, ‘Hey, they are not reacting to this anymore. They’re pressing on with their opinions, their beliefs, their convictions and cancel culture will be gone.’ But as long as people placate to a few of the fringe folks that just can’t stand what you believe in, this will continue and grow. So we really need people to step up and be strong right now.”

Courtley hit it right on the money with regard to our current political climate.

Cancel culture is usually what scares away people from voicing their opinions on issues. It is what allows the left to be aggressive and win.

Too many “go along to get along” types end up finding themselves becoming doormats for the left’s agenda because they are not willing to stand up for what they believe in.

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As someone who has experienced the ruthless environment of the arts community and education, I can say with certainty that all it takes is for one person to start making a change.

The left’s keyboard warriors are experts at making people feel intimidated and guilty that those who step out of line will either hide or cower in order to avoid real-world consequences.

Unless Americans are unabashedly authentic with their perspectives, the left will continue to control the narrative.

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