Fox News’ Stirewalt: ‘Strong Chance’ Trump Impeached if Democrats Gain Control of Congress

With this week’s developments in the investigation into alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 election, one pundit says Republicans in Congress need to act if they want to keep themselves — and the president — in office after next year’s midterm elections.

Chris Stirewalt, politics editor for Fox News, said in an interview on the network Tuesday that Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, which netted two indictments and a guilty plea announced this week, should be a long-term consideration for President Donald Trump and elected Republicans.

“This will continue to be a distraction,” he said. “This will continue to be a disruption to the administration itself.”

If properly focused, Stirewalt said he sees how the pressure of the investigation could lead to actual progress in Congress.

“For the Republicans in Congress, this can focus the thinking,” he said. “There is real danger for the president, potentially, lurking out there in the shrubberies, so maybe you need to get going now on the agenda before it gets kablooeyed.”

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Not only would a Democratic majority after the midterms be detrimental to the Trump agenda, he said, but it would likely mean serious attempts to remove the president from office.

“Republicans, obviously, if they lose control of Congress, there is a very strong chance that Donald Trump will be impeached,” Stirewalt said.

When host Harris Faulkner asked him why he did not think Democrats would focus on health care and other issues they say are most important, Stirewalt chalked his prediction up to the nature of politics.

“These are politicians,” he said. “When Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, I’m sure there were other things that the American people wished that they would have focused on, but they focused on satisfying a bloodthirsty base and impeaching the president. I’m sure there would be many calls among Democrats to do the same.”

By the time next year’s elections are here, Stirewalt added, the landscape could look even more ominous for Trump. He based his argument on reports concerning a former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser who was arrested earlier this year and has since been cooperating with investigators.

“Mueller here is showing the danger for Trump is he had what looks like a confidential informant working inside, working around the Trump organization, relying on those contacts,” he said. “We don’t know at all what is out there.”

Because of the current uncertainty, Stirewalt said Republicans should feel pressure to advance their policy agenda in Congress.

“If they don’t, it increases the Democrats’ chances of winning next year and thereby puts everything at risk,” he said.

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He concluded with some advice for Trump amid rumblings that he might fire Mueller.

“If the president wants Republicans to turn on him, the easiest, best course to being abandoned by his own party would be to lay a single finger on a single strand of Robert Mueller’s hair,” Stirewalt said.

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