Frustrated Owner Sets Up Hidden Camera, Captures Hilarious Route Dog Takes To Climb on Counters


Most dog lovers would agree that having dogs in our lives is enjoyable and makes us better people — that’s why they’re called dog lovers. Sharing your home with a four-legged friend brings much joy and consternation, often in equal measure.

Dogs are like people in that it can take them some time to get adjusted to their new surroundings, but they’re also like people in that they can develop bad habits over time — so no matter what stage of dog ownership you’re in, there’s probably something your dog does that you wish he or she didn’t do.

Some of the “bad” things they do aren’t really so horrible. Many dogs, even those who have their own perfectly comfy beds, would rather sneak into yours or lounge next to you on the couch even when they know they aren’t allowed.

Then there are those who almost seem to do things out of spite, like pooping on the rug when you dare to go out and run some errands without them.

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Many dog owners have had to deal with the naughtiness that is counter surfing at one point or another. It’s such a phenomenon that the term has been coined just for the criminal pups.

If your dog is a chow hound and food-motivated, this can be a very difficult habit to train them out of. They know that every time they’re left to their own devices, they can help themselves to a tasty treat.

When you get home and see the result of their bad behavior, it can be too late to effectively scold them — though many dogs appear guilty and some will even hide. But does that stop them from doing it again later? Of course not. They’re not so easily defeated.

Beagles are a particularly recognizable dog, known for their friendliness and intelligence. These traits are often utilized and they’re trained to be contraband-sniffing dogs.

That also means they can detect food rather effectively. One particular beagle named Hannah is not only good at finding snacks, she’s excellent at working around the obstacles her owners put in her path.

“One time she managed to pull the dog food bag under the pantry door and ate 7 pounds of dog food,” the owner said. That’s way too much food for a small dog and she could have easily gotten sick.

“Another time she climbed on the bathroom counter, opened the medicine cabinet, took out a bottle of Ibuprofen, chewed off the lid, and ate 12 pills!”

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Obviously the owners have taken measures to try to keep their beagle from being a danger to herself. Sometimes that’s as simple as making sure bathroom doors are shut, food is out of the way, and nothing tempting has been left out.

But what to do for the kitchen? Other than completely blocking it off, Hannah’s owners were left with few options, so they tried putting other obstacles in her way.

They got very mildly electrically charged mats (so mild she had no problem picking them up with her mouth) and put them on the floor next to the cabinets so she wouldn’t jump up.

But that didn’t matter. Hannah simply picked them up and pawed them out of her way.

Being a small dog, though, she couldn’t quite manage the leap from floor to counter top. So she opened the cabinet drawers and used them to launch herself up onto the counter.

Fortunately the owners caught this on camera, otherwise they might never know how their naughty pup accomplished her amazing feats! Looks like they’re going to have to come up with a new method, because Hannah’s clearly too clever for this one.

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