Furious Woman Sobs as She Tries to Free Tortured Mouse From Live Trap, Sends Big Message to Us


I wish all mice were as friendly and helpful as the ones portrayed in Disney’s “Cinderella.” Gus Gus and I would be pals.

Real mice can definitely be a nuisance. They can bring unwanted diseases like Hantavirus and don’t normally come alone.

Once your home is invaded, it’s really difficult to get things back under control. Many people use traps as a way to combat the problem.

In lieu of traditional spring-loaded mouse traps (which don’t always work), there has been a push in recent years to use “live traps” instead. I’ve heard many claim that they are more humane.

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Some of them may even be crueler as a woman discovered when she found a glue trap in her Airbnb. A mouse (later named Fred) was caught inside.

When she swept Fred out from beside the refrigerator, she feared that he was already dead. She quickly grabbed him and a bottle of cooking oil and headed for the back deck.

With grocery bags covering her hands, she began slowly pouring oil beneath him to loosen up the glue.

After a few moments passed, it didn’t seem like the oil would be enough. She began sobbing.

She could only think of the pain poor Fred was going through.

As she poured more oil into the trap, the mouse was able to free himself little by little. She was so excited when it finally worked!

The woman then took the opportunity to give a message to those who are considering using glue traps.

“If you have mice in your house, do not try to kill it with the sticky traps because this is horrible. They get stuck and then they half-die and then they sit there half dying and crying,” she said through tears. “It’s a very inhumane way to kill a mouse. Don’t do it.”

As for her friend, Fred, he was eventually freed although completely drenched in cooking oil. The video showed him trying to clean the oil off of himself.

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What do you think about her message? Do you agree?

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