Gen. Flynn's Chilling Florida Address: We're Facing the Final Power Grab


This article is taken from a keynote speech to the St. Thomas More Society during an award banquet Wednesday in Palm Beach, Florida, honoring former President Donald Trump for his contributions to protecting the lives of unborn children.

Good evening to the St. Thomas More Society, your guests and other dignitaries who are present. I want to thank you for the honor of having me address you tonight.

St. Thomas More walked a narrow road that led to a fulfilled life. He described this and other principles that somehow found their way into our very own Constitution. In a letter before his execution in 1535, he wrote of life, liberty and friendship, and as he described, “the winning of Christ,” he was describing an eternal pursuit of happiness.

Trying to determine what to speak about this evening, I have chosen to speak about evil and the evils of communism.

What it means, where we are and what it requires to be defeated (again).

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We are in the midst of a war; this is not politics as usual.

We live in trying perilous times.

The nation is living in Psalm 23: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.” The only misnomer is many Americans have no clue what the short phrase “Thou Art” even means any longer.

I’ll begin with Ronald Reagan’s famous words about the former Soviet Union. He called it “the Evil Empire.”

President Reagan had clarity and discernment, and he understood the power of words.

And Russia was evil in Reagan’s time as it is now. More on that later.

What I want to do is expand on the meaning of the word “evil.”

It is a biblical word that more than any other word describes the polarity between heaven and earth.

“Evil” means willfully doing what is determined to be wrong in every moral society.

Its synonyms are “foul,” “corrupt,” “ungodly,” “unholy,” “wicked,” “degenerate” and so on.

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Why, might you ask, am I putting such emphasis on this one word?

It is because as a nation, we currently stand on a precipice, high above a chasm so deep that it can swallow America whole.

I, among many in this country, am seriously worried that one more election, won or stolen, can be the step into the abyss, making America like Europe and the rest of the world.

Is Gen. Flynn a true American hero?

From the reports I receive from many people around the world, Europe, specifically, is already engendered in the Marxist/communist philosophy and its controls and restrictions (and these restrictions on their liberties tighten more and more every day).

If America falls to the dictates of the left, this last bastion of freedom, the shining beacon of goodness and the next best expression of humanity, will be no more.

Remember, no country that lost its moral compass and character has ever kept its liberty.

As a Catholic and an intelligence officer and soldier who studied, stood against and was prepared to fight communism, we never associated Marxist communists with evil.

Yes, they reviled and banned any churches, God and the devil did not exist in the communist lexicon, and Marxist communism was supposedly a philosophy to benefit the poor and downtrodden.

But here is the nexus between God and Lucifer:

According to Marx, the abolition of religion is necessary so people can become their own God, but to place a finer point, the communist party can become their God.

And so began the reign of evil for anyone living in communist-ruled countries. One-third of their populations were coerced or bribed to report on the rest of the population. This broke the trust between all people and raised paranoia in the individual.

Does all this sound familiar?

Those who resisted, were and are, in communist countries, imprisoned, and savagely tortured by communists, whose religion is the party. They justify their horrifying, monstrous behavior by stating that the ends justify the means — that a dead man is better than an anti-communist man.

Families, then and now, were torn apart and used against each other in communist countries. Force was used then, and is used now, to yank possessions from the hands of those who work hard and earn a decent living, to be handed to those who sit idle and do nothing.

Worst of all, the communist devils whispered into young ears: If you report on your friends and coworkers, you will be rewarded with the job you wanted, the promotions you seek or even a home of your own.

Here in America, should we be worried about these sorts of actions?

Absolutely, you’re damn right we should be worried!

We have conversations with friends who laugh away our concerns and try to tell us these are small fringe groups (conspiracy theorists!), this is simply politics as usual, America goes through these cycles and this current crisis is just another “politics as usual” cycle.

Far from it!

Remember, Joseph Stalin, less than a hundred years ago, was only one of the dictators of the past century. Stalin had a policy called “inclusiveness.”

Well, his inclusive policies killed as many as 60 million of his own citizens and imprisoned many more.

Other familiar names are Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler. And remember, only 85 years ago (1938), Hitler was dubbed Time Magazine’s Man of the Year (he then proceeded to exterminate 6 million Jews and millions of others). Think about that for a second.

And keep in mind, during World War II alone, the U.S. military sacrificed over a million killed and wounded.

Evil exists, and it is not something that existed only during biblical times or when Christ walked on Earth. It is all around us. We should know better, and we should act smarter, but tragically, we do neither, and therefore we find ourselves at this historic moment of peril.

In today’s America, there are two very split camps. The reasons for this split are many, and I’ll speak to a few. But it began slowly and crept into our society with a vengeance.

We lost our moral compass, and no country in the history of the world that lost its character kept its liberty.

In fact, all nations that gave up their freedoms never got them back.

The progressive movement needed to destroy the very fabric that makes America and our people unique and exceptional in our own right.

For instance, the sexual revolution, with all its diversity and the push to equalize all sexual behaviors as the norm, together with the creation of a culture of drug dependency, transgenderism and immorality, created even more division, further isolating factions.

The hallmark of socialism or communism or evil is destruction. And so the destruction of the family was next.

We have seen the ridiculousness of families depicted on TV. These depictions are laughable but very serious.

They represent a blend of improbable characters thrown together to make the family unit one big joke.

This step was then followed by the indoctrination of young minds about their gender and about what’s right and wrong. The family unit was destroyed, and the rearing of children has been left to the progressives who infiltrate every aspect of our education system (from elementary school to college).

And, of course, churches were destroyed, primarily from the inside out. If you truly believe in God and the biblical tenets of Catholicism, these tenets cannot be successfully indoctrinated.

Those discerning (or questioning) among us noticed that instigators or agitators in our midst began telling us that we were all children of God and therefore we were responsible for all our brothers in the world and needed to take all of them into our care (vis-à-vis the very intentional southern invasion of America).

The institutions of the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Charities of America and even Rome itself have become a bastion of liberalism and progressivism and push this notion. I speak of the institutions and those in charge and not the congregations. Although Catholics in America represent the largest voting bloc in our country, practically half still vote for this evil. Even the current occupant of the White House touts himself as a Catholic.

In the last few decades, we’ve seen the outright closure of churches, and even some destroyed through internal division.

Lastly, anyone speaking out or standing up against the woke, progressive ideology is viciously pursued in and out of the law. You can’t sit here tonight or at any time and still say, “I don’t know.”

The causes detailed here, with the onslaught of the never-ending ranting of progressive voices (especially in the fake news media), are about the destruction of anything philosophical and cultural that makes our nation great and exceptional.

I deplore the disappearance of what we once called common sense. Our culture has devolved to a point where ordinary people suffer from anxiety when forced to make simple, sensible choices.

The left has completely taken God out of their political discourse. They’ve even pressured states and communities to remove the Ten Commandments from our political framework.

My first venture in my military days was facing Cuban communists on the small Caribbean island of Grenada. I spent formative years preparing for even bigger wars on the plains of Europe and then continued to face off with these types of threats for another three-and-a-half decades of my life. Those years were not easy, and for most they are unimaginable.

Today, our concerns are much more alarming. Back then, the communists spied on us through people, and their reports were minuscule compared with the data the internet can yield.

Since ancient times, we have fairly good records of tyrannical leaders — emperors, tsars, kings, dictators or power seekers by any other name.

Men of this kind, many certifiable psychopaths, have been within humanity forever.

However, they never had the power and the means to enslave the entire globe and control all of humanity — until today.

The internet and all other wonders of advances in technology give power-hungry elites the means to turn humanity into robotic slaves performing at the whims of their overseers.

Communism takes full control over your life. Once it gains full control, all decisions are based on the communist authorities’ wishes, not yours.

They dictate what you will do, where you will work, what you can become.

What I see in China is a totally new form of communism. The Chinese call it “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” or “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” It not only controls daily life but goes into the minutia of all privacy and your body.

In China, the harvesting of organs from political adversaries is already a known fact.

The COVID pandemic (or the China virus) gave multiple governments the power to enclose us in our homes, close our schools and businesses and force inoculations on people — whether we wanted them or not.

It also did severe damage to the American election system (and we see the results of that damage continuing to play out).

There is new talk that we should have chips in our bodies containing records of all our health data! And what comes next will be our finances.

Many of you may be aware of this political tsunami rolling across America. These steps are being planned, and some are already being implemented — remember, “you’ll own nothing and be happy.”

The worldwide COVID control was an exercise — a harbinger, if you will — for people’s minds and bodies.

Talk about Fifth Generation Warfare. A mass psychosis psychological operation was inflicted upon the world.

We now see the beginnings of a global electronic surveillance network, as World Economic Forum Principal Advisor Yuval Noah Harari has very publicly stated, for “surveillance under the skin.”

Many Americans now voice great distrust in federal institutions and websites that target and troll all of us with their mis-, dis- and malinformation government task forces. This evil wants to control your political thoughts and actions today and tomorrow and to control every aspect of your life.

This fact alone reminds me of what I’ve learned about communism.

The power elites — George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and others (this list is growing) — are all billionaires and allies of the European, Russian and Chinese elites. These would like to have control over the entirety of the globe.

The question, then, is why? They are already rich and powerful.

In a nutshell, that’s just it — they seek dominion over the entire globe, and this would be the final power grab and control over billions of slaves.

Many of the elites have stated their goals very publicly and quite openly. Most of them believe this planet is overpopulated and humanity must be reduced.

And, of course, there is the Great Reset.

In 2020, global elites met at the World Economic Forum and launched the Great Reset Initiative to transform the world’s economy.

Klaus Schwab, director and founder of the WEF, with the help of America’s elites, wants to change capitalism and affect America’s way of life forever.

Schwab describes his “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” In my view, after studying it intensely, it is a carry-over from the Third Reich with sinister consequences, especially for America.

The Great Reset gives us a cashless society (digital currency) and “environmental justice (ESG scores).”

China, of course, is at the forefront of this experiment. I strongly urge all Americans who believe they have a stake in the future of our country and wish to protect our Constitution and our way of life to dig into these issues I raise. Don’t just take my word for it.

There is simply insufficient time for me to go through the details of something I have become all too familiar with over my lifetime of service in the military and certainly over the past few years. As President Trump said, we have skipped over socialism and jumped right into communism.

It seems that most of the world is at war and America is the last entity standing between the leftist elites and freedom for the globe.

America is the final line of defense in the wall defending humanity — a wall that is intentionally being destroyed.

Freedom only thrives in our country if we are willing to accept the responsibility of sacrifice.

For the American Republic, it is our Constitution that still offers hope.

And as a free and vocal opposition, we, especially you in the St. Thomas More Society, as a faith- and freedom-fighting organization, are part of that bulwark that stands firm and prevents the forces of evil from accomplishing their objectives.

As in our Declaration of Independence, if we hold these truths to be self-evident and we believe in the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle us, then to preserve our freedoms, we must push back on the idea that government can be our deity.

There is only one deity and that is our creator. Once erased from the consciousness of a nation, the laws of man then become the measure of law and order.

It is very predictable: Like a rubber band being stretched, man’s law can be stretched to suit political factions.

I wish our current administration could understand this and those serving in our Department of Justice would know these tenets and adhere to them. But tragically, they do not.

So with these thoughts, I want you all to go back out into your communities, your clubs, your churches, your businesses and the world and stand firm for what is good, right and free in our country. And above all else, pray for our country!

Thank you, God bless you and, most definitely, may God continue to Bless America!

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Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn served as the national security advisor to President Donald J. Trump. He also served in the U.S. military for over 33 years, holds three master's degrees and has been awarded numerous civilian, military, intelligence and law enforcement awards and honors. He is the co-author of two national best-selling books, “The Field of Fight” and “The Citizen's Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare.” He is currently serving as chairman of America’s Future 501c3, one of America’s oldest non-profits. To learn more about Gen. Flynn and America’s Future, you can visit