Georgia Sheriff Posts Perfect 'Concealed Weapons' Sign Welcoming Visitors to His County


You probably don’t pay much attention when you drive to another county — after all, there are over 3,000 of them in America.

However, one county line in the South is getting attention after a local sheriff put a very pro-gun message on a sign.

According to WGCL News, Sheriff Mike Jolley of Harris County, Georgia put up the sign a few years ago but it’s now going viral online. The reason? Well, take a look at its message.

“Our citizens have concealed weapons,” the prominent sign at the county border declares.

“If you kill someone, we might kill you back. We have ONE jail and 356 cemeteries. Enjoy your stay!”

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While some people might view the sign as a veiled threat, the man behind it says it’s meant as a reminder for people to think about their actions.

“I think the sign speaks for itself,” Sheriff Jolley told “Citizens here have weapons and that’s legal.”

Do you agree that lawful concealed carry can lower crime?

“The citizens have a legal right to protect themselves and their property. If you come into our county and kill someone, you might get killed back. Weapons are a tool. They’re not intended for someone to use in a criminal act,” he clarified.

In other words, it comes down to personal responsibility … and a gentle reminder that actions have consequences.

“It’s a way to say people in this county have a Second Amendment right and if someone uses a weapon, they’re likely in danger. Don’t do anything crazy. We’re likely to shoot back,” the sheriff said.

It seems to be working. A report from Sperling’s Best Places indicates that Harris County has about half the crime rate of the Georgia state average, and is significantly safer than the national average as well.

Jolley paid for the sign out of his own pocket in 2015, and has placed other thought-provoking messages over the years. An earlier sign visible to people entering the county declared, “Warning: Harris County is politically incorrect.”

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“We say Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We Salute our troops and our flag,” the previous sign said. “If this offends you… Leave!”

The county’s residents by and large are major fans of the pro-patriotism messages. A poll about the “God Bless America” message conducted by WTVM found that a staggering 87 percent of voters agreed with the sign.

Sheriff Jolley doesn’t seem worried that the politically incorrect messages will affect his tenure. “I’ve been in office a long time,” he told the Washington Post. “So I like to stir the pot.”

That’s definitely one way to do it. It’s also a refreshing reminder that getting away with a crime is a lot more difficult when “innocent bystanders” may be quietly armed and prepared to defend themselves.

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