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God Help Us: We Asked Every US Senator if They Support Banning 'Kid-Friendly' Drag Shows - Only 1 Said Yes


Few people have the spine to stand up to evil.

One Republican senator has shown to be an exception.

The Western Journal reached out to every U.S. senator after the horrid “Drag the Kids to Pride” event took place in Dallas on June 4.

The event featured provocatively dressed transvestites strutting around and dancing in a sexual manner as children looked on. In footage of the event, children can be seen handing the transvestites money — as if they were at a strip club. They may as well have been.

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Many Republicans and conservatives did not think this was acceptable and called for a ban on children attending drag shows.

Republican Bryan Slaton, a Texas state representative, announced he would be introducing legislation “protecting kids from drag shows and other inappropriate displays as soon as the next legislative session begins.”

Slaton was one of the very few elected officials to take such a stance, one that you would think is basic common sense — and one that you would think all Republicans would support vehemently.

But what is the position of those in Congress, specifically those in the U.S. Senate? Do they believe there should be a ban on children attending drag shows?

We asked this question to every U.S. senator. Only one had something of substance to say. Many others — both Democrats and Republicans — failed to respond or dodged the question entirely.

GOP Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas sent a striking declaration of his stance:

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“What happened to the innocence of children? The hyper-sexualization and grooming of young children have become an obsession of the far-left in this country. Any respectful parent would never allow a child to watch, let alone participate in, pornographic drag shows. The tail has been wagging the dog for too long with this garbage, and the dog is about to bite back.”

These words resonate with what most conservatives — and many concerned parents — are feeling at the moment.

Yet only one U.S. senator was brave enough to utter them.

As Marshall stated, “What happened to the innocence of children?” And why are we not trying to protect children from the hyper-sexualization and grooming that is currently going on in our country?

The drag show for kids held in Dallas was not isolated. These “family-friendly” degenerate events take place in the U.S. all the time and little is done to stop them.

Marshall is correct that such behavior has become an obsession of the far-left in this country. Republicans must fight back against it — if not, they are equally to blame.

“The dog is about to bite back,” Marshall said.

Let’s hope he is right.

If additional senators wish to come forward to support a ban on children attending drag shows, this story will be updated accordingly.

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