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Good Samaritans Rescue Dog Wandering Streets Alone with Chain Embedded in His Neck


People who rescue animals are rarely surprised by what they find after they’ve been in the line of work for a while.

The amount of trouble an animal can get itself into or suffer at the hands of a human being should be shocking, but before long neglect and cruelty become everyday sights.

And the brave souls who dedicate their lives to helping animals in need have to push past what they see and quickly get to helping needy creatures, focusing on what they can accomplish instead of what they can’t.

Howl of a Dog is a rescue that operates in Romania, tending to the many abused and abandoned street dogs around the European nation. They take on cases others won’t touch and have quite a following of people who love to see the transformations they work in countless creatures’ lives.

One particular case from 2018 involved a pup named Archie, who was found wandering the streets with a very noticeable open wound.

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A chain was embedded in his neck, and it was the rescue’s conclusion that he must have been fitted with the collar when he was a puppy and eventually grown too large for it.

It slowly began constricting around the dog’s neck and, helpless to remove the binding chain himself, he suffered as he roamed.

“He had probably been chained when he was just a little puppy and, as he grew up, the chain remained embedded in his neck, strangling him and causing a deep, life threatening cut around his neck,” the rescue wrote in a YouTube video caption. “Sadly, in Romania it is still not illegal to chain dogs and in rural regions dogs are very often considered guarding ‘tools,’ being tethered in backyards.”

The sweet dog was quickly freed from the chain and cleaned up. As time passed, his fur grew back, his internal and external wounds healed and soon he was looking for a new family.

“ARCHIE, the dog who had a chain embedded in his neck, is feeling better: the wound on his neck has healed and he’s also recovering well after the neutering surgery,” the rescue posted on April 8, 2018. “Archie is a young dog, less than two years old, very friendly with other pets and with people, he’s house trained and well behaved indoor, walks nicely on leash and loves car rides.”

“Once he’s fully recovered and completes all the vaccination, Archie will need to find his own loving family. We’re sure he will be a wonderful companion and we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped us with his medical care!”

Howl of a Dog states on its About page that it accepts “international adoptions and many of our rescue dogs found forever homes in the USA, Canada and Europe.”

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And that was great news for Archie, as he caught the eye of a couple in Pennsylvania, over 5,000 miles away.

Beverly and Bryan Holzer were smitten with the pup’s pictures and story, and they were eager to add him to their two-dog family. After the long journey to the USA, the Romanian pup settled in perfectly, and it wasn’t long before Howl of a Dog was receiving some heart-warming updates.

“Archie has quickly learned the art of begging for chicken from his sisters,” his new owner, Beverly, posted to the rescue page in July 2018. “It is impossible to resist such a perfect face. Thanks as always for rescuing him and helping him find his way to us. He completes our furever family.”

“Archie is such a good boy and he is having the time of his life bonding with his sisters,” the Holzers told Howl of a Dog. “They run around like crazy. He loves prancing around our neighborhood and going for car rides to meet new friends. He’s the biggest cuddle buddy and he makes everyone smile with his goofy grin.”

From neglected street dog to spoiled furbaby, Archie (who Beverly calls “Snarchie”) has experienced quite a bit of life around the world. Being such a young dog, he has some of his best, most loving and comfortable years ahead of him in the care of the loving family he’s found his way into.

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