Franklin Graham Goes to California To 'Pierce the Blue Wall'


Christian evangelist Franklin Graham is currently touring the state of California urging its people “to to turn to God, not continue to try to remove God from everything.”

Graham’s “Decision America: California Tour” started in southern California on May 20 and has been making its way north, with events scheduled in the Bay Area this week, before ending in the northern city of Redding on Tuesday, June 5 — primary election day in the state.

When it’s through, the Christian leader will have conducted major events in 10 cities.

Graham’s first stop was in Escondido on May 20, where he said he wanted to “pierce” California’s blue wall not for politics, but “for Christ.”

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“I want to pierce that blue wall but not for politics. I want to pierce that blue wall for Christ,” Graham said.

Following a stop in Modesto in the central part of the Golden State earlier this week, Graham recounted on Facebook how grateful he was for the many who received forgiveness of their sins by accepting the free gift offered by Jesus Christ.

“I also told the thousands who came last night about the critical importance of Christians getting involved in their communities and their state — and yes, in politics,” he said. “Our world today is increasingly anti-God — opposed to everything that has to do with God and the Name of Jesus Christ.”

Graham urged Christians to run for office and to vote. “We need to vote for candidates who most closely support biblical principles including the sanctity of life and God’s definition of marriage,” he said. “I pray that Christians will make an impact for God across the state of California!”

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Graham refuted media accounts that his tour is really aimed at making the state vote more Republican.

“Some in the media say I’m here in California to turn this state red,” he wrote. “That’s not true. I’m in California because I want to turn people’s hearts to God.”

“Yes Christians should definitely be involved in politics and in leadership!” Graham explained. “And every Christian should vote at every election. We need to have Godly influence and be salt & light in this world.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “The blue wall represents secularism. The state of CA & our country need to turn to God, not continue to try to remove God from everything.”

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The faith leader further contended the ultimate hope for America lies not with the Republican or Democrat parties, but with Jesus Christ, who alone “can change the human heart.”

Graham specifically took on Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt, who accused the preacher of sowing division by telling tour attendees not to vote Democrat.

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“It’s indicative of how bad our politics have become,” Stirewalt said Thursday on FNC. “This is something that most Christian leaders would never have done, even a decade ago.”

Graham responded via Twitter that Stirewalt “got it wrong.”

“He needs to check his story,” the pastor continued. “I didn’t say ‘Don’t vote Democratic no matter what you do.’ That’s absolutely not true. However I am telling people to vote for candidates who stand for biblical values & God’s laws — no matter which party they are.”

During the 2016 presidential race, Graham held similar meetings in all 50 state capitals as part of his Decision America Tour.

Shortly before President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, Graham told Fox News, “I believe God’s hand was in (the election results),” noting that at 50 gatherings those on-hand prayed for God to change the direction of the country.

He added, “I’m not a Republican nor a Democrat, I’m just a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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