Grandma with Stage 4 Cancer Given Blanket, Starts Crying Over Shirt Sewn into Fabric


Francis Jones was devastated when she lost her husband of 56 years in 2014. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and had to face the prospect of her own death.

To help her get through the chemo treatments, Jones’ granddaughter, Madeline Smith, gave her a blanket to keep her warm. This wasn’t just any blanket, however.

“They loved each other so much so for Christmas I felt so bad for my Grandma and I know she really wanted him there,” Smith said.

So, she hatched a plan to bring a piece of her grandfather to Christmas this year.

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“I saw on Facebook someone has used a shirt and turned it into a pillow so I decided to do something a little similar to that,” Smith explained.

“I read people who go through chemo get really cold, so I thought maybe I can get pop’s shirt on a blanket.”

In order to keep the project a surprise, Smith had to sneak the shirt away from her grandmother. She asked to borrow a shirt to keep her warm and told her grandmother she wanted the one he wore the most.

After that, she sewed the shirt into a blanket and wrapped it up.

“I was so excited about it because it ended up looking really good!” Smith said.

“And it really felt like my grandpa was there. I didn’t even have wrapping paper to wrap the present, so I wrapped it in another blanket, and she’s cracking up because she had gotten like five other blankets from people,” Smith recalled.

This blanket was different, though, which was immediately apparent as soon as the 79-year-old saw it.

Smith filmed her reaction as she opened the gift, and the video quickly went viral on social media.

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“They did everything together; they were never apart,” Smith said. “They maybe spent two or three nights apart in their whole marriage. They just loved each other so much.

“Our whole family strives and wants that for themselves,” she continued. “I can’t even imagine what she’s gone through.”

Based on Jones’ reaction, Smith knows that this blanket will help her through her future treatments.

Even though he can’t be there in person, the blanket helps Jones stay close to the spirit of her late husband.

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