Grassley Delivers Bombshell Letter to Bernie Over Kavanaugh Investigation


It’s a good bet most conservatives are getting pretty fed up with the state of affairs surrounding the Senate Judiciary  Committee hearings for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

It seems Democrats have thrown every delay tactic they could possibly think of into the works and Republicans have gone along with all of it. But not any more.

On Saturday, Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Bernie Sanders squared off in a Twitter skirmish that has both sides drawing lines in the sand. Only this time, Republican Grassley struck back swiftly with remarks that should have left a lasting sting.

Sanders initiated the exchange as he sent a letter to Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, in an effort to continue the push back against the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court.

Naturally, Sanders worked all the liberal angles, requesting more delays, calling for deeper dives by FBI investigators and calling into question Kavanaugh’s high school drinking.

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“The Senate should not constrain the FBI to one week and must allow time for a full investigation. I would request that you inform the FBI that you will not consider their work complete until they examine the truthfulness of Judge Kavanaugh’s statements under oath while testifying before the Senate throughout his career, given the very serious fact that lying to Congress is a federal crime,” wrote Sanders.

Sanders also alleged that Kavanaugh made several untruthful statements before the Senate Judiciary Committee therefore a more thorough investigation is needed in his opinion.

Senator Grassley fired back at Sanders in a letter that sliced up his requests and accusations with surgical precision — the likes of which we have rarely seen from Republicans on this or any issue in quite a while.

Is Grassley's straight talk in his letter to Sanders what you would like to see coming from Republicans to Democrats?

Grassley’s letter stated: “As you know on July 10, 2018 you stated ‘[w]e must mobile the America people to defeat’ Judge Kavanaugh. This happened less than 24 hours after Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination was announced. As you know all senators have had access to 307 judicial opinions Judge Kavanaugh wrote during his twelve years on the bench, over 500,000 pages of documents, over 40 hours of testimony and answers to more written questions than every Supreme Court nominee combined. Nevertheless, you made a decision on this nomination in less than 24 hours.”

“Your public statements clearly reveal how unimportant it is to you to review any facts related to this nomination. So you can imagine my surprise at receiving your letter regarding the supplemental FBI background investigation,” Grassley continued.

Grassley pointed out that the supplemental FBI investigation was requested by “undecided” members of the committee from both parties. And since Sanders had already declared his opposition, Grassley questioned if Sanders was now a member of the “undecided.”

Flip flop much? He’s got Sanders on the ropes on that point alone.

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Perhaps the most stinging comment from Grassley was his closing line: “I appreciate your raising concerns, which others have already raised, at this eleventh hour.”

Grassley crafted a masterful letter outlining the hypocrisy of Sanders and the rest of the Democrat opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination. Sharp, succinct, and to the point.

Time will tell just how much more of a mess this latest delay will produce. My hope is that the rest of the Republicans in the senate will grow the spine that we have seen here in Chuck Grassley and stop allowing leftist opposition to drive the bus on the Kavanaugh nomination.

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