Group Makes 2,000-Pound Bath Bomb & Drops It into Swimming Pool Just To Watch it Fizz


There’s nothing like an at-home spa day to relax and rejuvenate without breaking the bank. Light a few candles, get some tea or a glass of wine, and soak in a tub that smells delicious.

Bath bombs are a fun pampering item that are enjoying popularity at the moment. There’s something for everyone.

Some bath bombs are pastel and lightly scented, others look like unicorn vomit or a galaxy and are chock-full of glitter.

A few companies have even upped their bath bomb games by adding surprises to their products that are revealed once the bomb dissolves.

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If you’re handy and like DIY projects, then you can make your own, too. The materials are pretty straightforward and don’t cost a whole lot.

The most difficult (and crucial) part, of course, is the technique. If you don’t have just the right touch, you’ll end up with bath crumbles instead of bombs.

The three main ingredients are baking soda, citric acid and cornstarch — things you might even have on hand right now. Of course, to really spice them up, you’ll need an essential oil of some sort and some food-safe dye that won’t turn you or your bath some unnatural color.

Once you’ve assembled the ingredients, you mix one part cornstarch, one part citric acid, and two parts baking soda. After carefully mixing in the liquids a little at a time (not all at once or you’ll set off the bomb too early!), you pack the mixture into a mold of some sort and let it dry.

It’s not that difficult, and not that expensive — unless a normal-size bath bomb is too pedestrian for you.

One group wanted to see what would happen if they made a pool-sized bath bomb. So they started out with 50-pound bags of ingredients, created a huge fiberglass mold, and got to work.

They mixed up several large batches and tamped the mixture down into the mold, letting it dry once they got to the halfway point.

When they were done, they had an enormous bath bomb — 2,000 pounds, to be exact! The bomb looked more like a small planet than anything else.

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They rolled it into the swimming pool, and the bubbles began! The whole pool changed color and transformed into a spa.

I hate to think of what they had to do to clean the pool afterward (that poor, poor filter). But in the meantime, watching this huge bath bomb dissolve is positively mesmerizing!

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