Grown Son Hands Step-Dad Folder. What's Inside Moves Him to Tears


Families come in many forms nowadays and sometimes that form includes a step-parent who takes on the job of raising their new spouse’s children as their own.

Some kids then have two moms or two dads, but for some, the step-parent becomes the only mom or dad they’ve ever really known or ever really have any relationship with.

When Logan Borden was just a baby, Rick Morse came into his life, marrying his mom and taking on the role of step-dad to the fullest.

Now an adult, Borden has his own son and Morse has easily slid into the role of grandfather for him.

When Christmas 2017 rolled around, Borden knew the perfect gift to get the man who had been a father to him when he didn’t have to be.

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Borden’s fiancée, Chasity, shared the reveal video on Facebook and it got so much attention that a big surprise came for her “hunny.”

He wasn’t exactly comfortable with it, but his willingness to participate helped even more people enjoy the touching gift he gave Morse.

So what was the special, just-right gift Borden gave Morse that generated so much attention? At first, it appeared to Morse to be folders.

Morse graciously thanked Borden for them, as noted by Inside Edition, and started to put them aside. It was only when urged to look inside them that he realized what the gift really was.

Legal papers were inside the folders that would allow Morse to officially adopt Borden as his legal son. Papers were also inside that showed both Borden and his son were going to change their last name to Morse.

The reaction from Morse when he realized what he’d been given was emotional and caused those commenting on the video to shed tears of joy for the New York family.

The hug Morse gave Borden showed how overwhelmed he was by the gesture.

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Borden explained to Inside Edition why he knew that was the gift he had to give Morse, “He’s everything to me. He’s not just my dad — he’s one of my best friends.”

He added that he didn’t just spring the idea on Morse, it had been discussed before, “I knew it was going to be happy because he’s talked about it before, but I wasn’t sure what his reaction was really gonna be. The whole rest of the day he was full smiles.”

Borden told Inside Edition that the gift was something he felt honored the man who stepped up to be his dad, too, “He was thrilled and I was thrilled. It doesn’t just make you happy; the happiness that it brings [the parent], to know, ‘Hey, you know, this isn’t my child but I’ve raised this child,’ and to know that … like for him to know that I feel that way about him, where I want to put my name as his and be able to legally say, ‘You’re my dad.’ I mean, that’s a feeling you can’t beat.”

The only regret Borden had about the whole thing was that he wished he had “done it years and years ago.” Borden has a brother who will also be changing his last name to Morse.

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