Handicapped Woman Hangs Poster in Window After Stranger's Random Act of Kindness

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Friendly, caring neighbors are a priceless gift. When people look out for one another, making sure others around them are cared for and safe, it creates a genuine community that not all neighborhoods are fortunate enough to have.

When everyone knows everyone, people also know who might need a helping hand. Oftentimes if there’s a single elderly person, someone in a good neighborhood will make sure their lawn is getting mowed, their leaves are getting raked or their snow is getting shoveled.

If you’re already outside tending to your own yard, it’s not too difficult to extend your work a little further, but it means a lot to the people on the receiving end.

“My husband is recovering and can’t shovel the snow,” Karen Moss-Timothy wrote on Facebook in 2014. “My neighbour who faithfully cleared the snow from my yard when he cleared his died during hurricane Sandy.

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“Just as I got up to head outside with the shovel I heard a noise in my driveway and saw the image below. The grandson of that faithful neighbour knew my of my husband’s illness and came over carrying on the act of kindness.

“To most this is no big deal, to me it is a sure sign from God affirming one of his promises I have been holding onto, that is ‘he is always with me and answers before I call!'”

“Late in the midnight hour if you dare to praise him God turns things around and chains break! Cast your cares on The Lord because he cares..even about little things like snow shoveling!”

Do your neighbors help each other out?

This upstanding young man is not the only one looking out, and a handicapped woman from Jackson, Mississippi, had a similar blessing bestowed on her on Jan. 21.

At first, Anna Allen didn’t even notice the act of kindness. It was only when she needed to go out and fill a prescription that she noticed cleared paths where she expected to see deep snow.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she told Jackson Citizen Patriot. “I kept trying to think about who could have done it. I thought it was someone from my church, but my pastor had just said he can’t shovel every driveway, so I know it wasn’t him, and my neighbors haven’t said anything.”

“I just want to say thank you to who ever did it,” Allen continued. “You made me cry because no one has done anything kind like that for me. They weren’t even looking for any money or reason.

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“People are so mean to each other in this world. It’s amazing someone could be that nice, so I just want to say thank you to whoever did it. I really hope you read this and know how much it means to me.”

With no notes of explanation and no neighbors spilling the beans, Allen decided to put a large “Thank You” poster in her window in hopes that the good Samaritan will see it and know their work has been greatly appreciated.

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