Heartwarming Moment 5-Month-Old Boy Hears His Mother's Voice for the 1st Time


When we experience something life-changing — or even something minor — many of us like to share it with family and friends. Whether that experience be positive or negative, there’s solidarity in those closest to us knowing what we’ve been through.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are great ways to keep people informed of the goings-on in your life, but unless you’re careful how you share information and who you share it with, there’s the potential for it to be seen by thousands of people you don’t know.

That happened to Jen Denman, her husband, and her 5-month-old son. A heartwarming video that was meant for close acquaintances was just too adorable not to share with the world.

What could the video have shown that was so irresistible? Their 5-month-old, Alex, getting to hear the voices of his family for the first time.

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“It was only meant for family and friends. And it just went crazy,” Denman said.

Denman’s pregnancy was nothing unusual. Everything went fine up through the birth until little Alex went in for routine tests.

He failed the hearing tests. Nurses told Denman that her son had at least partial hearing loss.

They found out that he’d been born with “Bilateral Moderate Sensorineural” hearing loss, and that he couldn’t hear much of anything.

The parents wanted to change that, so they got him in to get hearing aids. And the moments he first hears his mother’s voice are tear-inducing.

During the video, Alex is wide-eyed and all smiles, clearly awestruck at this new facet of life. “Hey. It’s Mummy. Mummy,” Denman said. “Hey are you taking it all in? Yeah. Yeah.”

The couple had another son, Joe, who volunteered to help out when he found out his little brother’s hearing was broken.

“He was like, ‘I’ll fix them, mummy,’” Denman said, according to People. Apparently he wanted “to go get a screwdriver to fix his ears, because that’s what we use to fix things. He’s absolutely amazing with him.”

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Like any small child, Alex will put anything he can in his mouth — including the hearing aids. They’ve had to find a way to make sure that he won’t be able to yank them off and gnaw on them.

The condition is permanent, but his parents are starting young getting him familiar with sign language. Fortunately, even though the condition can’t be reversed, Alex has a loving family surrounding him, and he can always use hearing aids to interact with the world around him.

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