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Helpless Puppies Found Covered in Tar After They Tried To Rescue Sister


Four sweet puppies found themselves hopelessly trapped in tar after wandering through a garbage pile in India.

According to Animal Aid Unlimited, a female puppy was believed to be the first to become trapped in the tar. The more she ran in confusion and fear through the dumping grounds, the more trash, rocks, and dirt stuck to the tar on her fur.

Animal Aid believes the pup’s whines and frantic cries were so intense that her three littermates soon followed to find out why their sister was so frightened.

Sadly, each pup ended up encased in sticky, chest-tightening tar, which eventually left them unable to run and soon, unable to move at all.

Thankfully, a neighbor heard the puppies’ cries and called Animal Aid staff, who responded to the scene with concern and compassion.

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At first, rescuers were unsure how many puppies were hurt. They discovered two of the four, and quickly took them to their shelter to begin the painstakingly long process of removing tar from a dog’s fur.

By nightfall, the two remaining puppies had been found and brought to the shelter, and Animal Aid staff began to piece together what had probably happened to the sweet littermates.

“Four incredibly dear puppies came close to losing their lives in a horrendous accident when they stumbled into spilled tar in a garbage pile,” the organization explained on Facebook.

“When the first one wandered in and got stuck, she must have cried with so much emotion that the others came to see what was the matter, and they too got glued down by the awful tar.”

It took three days of soapy oil and water baths before the pups were fully tar-free. Staff also had the important and difficult task of trying to locate the puppies’ mother.

“We knew they had a mother, but we couldn’t find her until the day following their rescue and the hours-long process of removing the tar with oil and dish soap,” Animal Aid wrote.

After enduring such a traumatic ordeal, the pups were more than ready to be reunited with their mother.

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“(B)y the time Mommy arrived, they were freed from the poisonous grip of the tar and ready for the comfort of her love,” the organization wrote.

The sweet puppy family was reunited in a safe, warm shelter with plenty of food and love to go around. Before long, the pups scampering around playfully under their mother’s watchful eye, no doubt happy to be back to their fluffy, happy selves.

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