Herman Cain: If Crabs Were People, They'd All Be Democrats


If crabs were people, they’d be Democrats.

Have you ever seen a bunch of crabs in a barrel? I suppose it’s not the most common sight, so maybe you haven’t.

But if you ever get the opportunity to see a bunch of crabs in a barrel – with the top off – you’ll notice something. One crab will inevitably think he spots the path to freedom and he’ll try with all his might to make it to the top of the barrel so he can escape.

And as soon as this has begun, another crab will grab him by the legs and pull him back down. No one gets out of the barrel!

Now, you might ask, if you’re a crab stuck in a barrel, what good does it do you to pull another crab back when he’s trying to escape?

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If anything, you’d want to follow him and try to get out too. I guess this is why they’re called crabs, though, because they don’t think like that.

They just figure it’s more fair if everyone has to suffer equally in the barrel.

In other words, if crabs were people, they’d be Democrats.

In a recent address in Davos, President Trump talked about there being a right way and a wrong way to address income inequality. He said the wrong way to do it is to pull others down in an attempt to make everyone equal. Now you’re not only spreading misery, you’re also harming those who might be in a position to create opportunities for others.

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The right way to do it, the president insisted, is for everyone to think, “Up! Up! Up!”

The problem with inequality is not that some people are doing well. It’s that some people are not doing well. That’s what you want to address.

Often that starts by connecting the people who are not doing well to those who are, so they can provide information, guidance and possibility opportunities to improve themselves.

As we’ve been telling you for months, this is the approach of the Trump economic plan, and it’s working. The fourth quarter of 2019 saw a 4 percent wage increase among full-time and salaried workers. The rising tide is truly lifting all boats.

But Democrats want to do the opposite. They want to pull down those who are successful down to the pack and force them to share in everyone else’s misery. That’s why they want to raise taxes and that’s why they want to punish successful businesses. Even in an economy that’s growing and creating new jobs at an astonishing pace, Democrats think profitable businesses and successful individuals are the problem.

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They’re just like those crabs. If the crabs were smart, they’d follow the one industrious crab who has found the way to freedom.

But they’re not smart. They’re like Democrats, and they pull the smart one back so he can’t improve his situation.

You always thought those 2020 Democrats sounded like a bunch of crabs in their debates. Now you know why.

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Herman Cain is former CEO of the National Restaurant Association and a former presidential candidate. He is also an author, business executive, radio host and syndicated columnist.