'This Hero Should Be Alive': Bongino Becomes Enraged over California Officer's Death


Podcast host and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino may be frequently found doing guest appearances or guest hosting other shows, all in the same day. He may hit on some of the same topics in them, but he tries to keep things fresh and mix it up a bit.

But one story hit Bongino so hard that he dove into it across his various shows and appearances, his outrage over what happened clear to everyone listening. That story is the horrific death of a legal immigrant cop, allegedly at the hands of an illegal alien.

Newman, California, Police Cpl. Ronil Singh, who immigrated here from Fiji, was shot and killed during a DUI stop. Illegal immigrant Gustavo Perez Arriaga has been accused of the killing.

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Bongino, also a former cop, praised the officer and decried the shooting Saturday on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

“Did you see the picture of Corporal Singh and his beautiful family the day before Christmas?” he said. “How can you not think to yourself … every Christmas every year his family, from this point on, is going to have an empty seat at their table. And they’re going to be reminded, during what’s supposed to be the most joyous time of the season, about the most tragic moment in their life.

Do you agree with Dan Bongino?

“Look at that picture. … I want everybody to look at that. That is an American hero and a patriot right there, and that guy is gone. He’s never going to take another breath of oxygen. …

“This is an indisputable fact. Look at that picture. Not one person in this country illegally, who decided to forgo the legal process and break the law, should have been here. This hero should be alive right now.

“He should be alive right now, and we lost him, because a guy who should not have been in this country was here, because we cannot defend our borders, because our politicians in D.C. aren’t doing a damn thing about it.”

Bongino: Officer Ronil Singh Should be Alive Right Now

"He should be alive right now and we lost him because a guy who should not have been in this country was here, because we cannot defend our borders, because our politicians in D.C. aren't doing a damn thing about it"-Dan Bongino slams sanctuary laws after murder of Police Cpl. Ronil Singh

Posted by Fox & Friends on Saturday, December 29, 2018

The shooting comes in the midst of a congressional shutdown and battle over border wall funding. While Bongino has been taking Congress to task in relation to the death of Singh, others have as well, and Bongino retweeted a particularly telling thread on the matter.

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Two illegal immigrant children died while in U.S. custody, and in both cases it was shown that Border Patrol was not to blame. But leftists held President Donald Trump responsible.

Now we have a legal immigrant allegedly killed by an illegal alien. Crickets from the left.

Bongino’s points are valid and something any member of Congress with any integrity at all should consider as the immigration reform and border wall battles go on. National security should not fall victim to partisan politics, but rather be addressed with common sense and facts. It’s something Trump has been pushing for.

Walls do work, our current immigration policy is deeply flawed, sanctuary cities put Americans at risk, and Cpl. Singh should not be dead. His tragic death and the seeming lack of concern over it are something that may come back to bite the Democrats as the border fight continues.

It is difficult to claim you care about immigrants when a legal immigrant is killed and your response is to say and do nothing. It is difficult to claim you care about Americans when one is killed at the hands of a foreign national and your response is to say and do nothing.

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