Hero Babysitter Saves 7-Year-Old Boy from Rabid Fox Attack

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It can be unsettling to leave your child or children with a babysitter, even when it’s someone you trust. All sorts of crazy things happen on a daily basis, and how do you know if your babysitter is equipped to handle them?

One babysitter from South Carolina has proven that she’s up to the task after saving the boy she was babysitting from a vicious attack with nothing but her ingenuity and a hat.

Prisca Hill and the 7-year-old boy, Daniel Thompson, were outside, playing in the yard. A fox appeared at the edge of the yard, watching them.

“When it first came out,” Hill said, “foxes are really curious animals so I figured that it just wanted to look at the hat until it attacked us. I really had no clue it was rabid or anything like that.”

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The two scampered up a tree and held on for dear life, hoping that the fox would leave on its own. It wasn’t so easily deterred.

Unfortunately, their feet were within grabbing reach, and the fox was able to bite both of them at different times.

“So I hung down from my branch and kicked the crap out of this thing and it grabs onto my foot,” Hill said. “So, I turned around, grabbed it by the neck and threw it as far as I could into the woods and it hit the ground, running.”

But the determined creature still hadn’t had enough. “Then,” Hill continued, “it came back around and grabbed onto his foot again.”

Seeing that she’d have to take more aggressive measures to chase the fox off, Hill grabbed a nearby hat and started chasing the animal with it.

“So I jumped out of the tree onto it and started beating it with a hat and it took the hat and ran and I chased it down and it ran under this deck right here,” Prisca said.

Thompson has his own recollections of the ordeal. “You know how it feels like when one bee stings you?” he asked. ”It feels like just … just like three more bees stinging you.”

“Then I saw the fox jump up and grabbed onto it and dangled in the air and it was ripping open my skin and tearing out the meat,” he continued.

The fox was captured, put down and taken in for testing. Tests confirmed that the fox was, indeed, rabid.

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The two were able to get the necessary shots quickly and have had two rounds of treatments so far. Thompson is sad about the fox’s demise, but he’s cheerful about his own status.

“I usually just want to go out and pet wild animals and treat them nice but they’re just fighting them,” he said, “and killing them and doing all that stuff.”

But, fortunately, when asked how he was doing, he enthusiastically responded with “I’m 100 percent good.”

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