Hero Saves 94-Year-Old Woman Driving Wrong Way on Highway


Driving is a tricky thing. There are so many rules to follow, so many potential roadway hazards and so many different types of people that driving in public is a bit like Russian roulette.

So many things can distract drivers: kids fussing in the back seat, messages on a phone, and impaired reflexes, not to mention driving under the influence. And yet, one moment of distraction is all it takes to breed disaster.

Thomas Prado, a glass delivery man in Texas, recently encountered a heart-stopping situation. As he drove along a highway in Stamford, Texas, he noticed that a car on the opposite side was running parallel to him.

Someone was driving at full speed in the wrong direction, around curves, in the fast lane. “Hey, no!” he said as he filmed the incident.

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He got ahead of the driver and stopped on the roadside, intent on flagging her down. “Stop! Stop!” he yelled as he waved from his vehicle.

But the white car sped past him, still going in the wrong direction. And there was a bridge coming up.

Prado made a quick call and crossed the median to try to head her off again, knowing it might be the last chance he got to save multiple people from a terrible accident.

“Stop!” he continued to yell, waving out his window, as he nosed into the lane and finally got her to slow down. The window rolled down to reveal a little old woman, who seemed confused about what he was doing.

“Hey, you’re going the wrong way!” he told her. She said she knew, and that she was trying to do something, but Prado knew he needed to step in.

“Okay, here — I can help you, just… just wait one second, okay?” he said. “You’re gonna get hit. There’s cars coming 75 miles an hour!”

He moved his car to a safer spot, then ran to her car and helped her exit. He asked if there was someone he could call, but she said no.

Would you step in to help in a situation like this?

The situation is scary enough as it is, but the poor woman didn’t have anyone to help her, either, except for this stranger who saved her life and the lives of others.

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More good Samaritans helped block off the area and kept oncoming traffic diverted, and Prado stayed with the 94-year-old woman until authorities arrived.

Some comments have been scathing, but others have been heartfelt, compassionate and sorrowful.

“Poor woman,” one viewer commented, “probably has no one around to help her get the places she needs to go, since she said she had no one to call. I hope she gets the help she needs.”

“This made me cry a little,” another wrote, “so many elderly people are thrown to the wolves. No family willing to help them, they are forced to fend themselves, on a fixed income can’t afford to get anyone to come in to help them. Bless her heart, this could be anyones granny, memaw, madear, or grammy…She shouldn’t be on the road but maybe she doesn’t have help or all of her right mind!!”

“Thank the Lord for this kind person, this poor elderly woman must have been terrified,” wrote a third. “My heart goes out to her, it’s no fun getting old and it will happen to all of us at some point. I just see my own Grandmother I hope this never happens to her but I hope someone would try and help her out.”

Thanks to Prado, this woman came to no harm and the world was spared another potential tragedy.

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