Hollywood Stars Call Coronavirus a Chance for 'Radical Transformation'


It’s always nice to hear the view from Malibu.

In the middle of a coronavirus crisis that has killed upward of 250,000 people worldwide and thrown millions of Americans out of work, some of the biggest names in Hollywood and entertainment have signed on to a statement demanding the world never go back to normal.

Because, from the tone of the statement, the world had the coronavirus coming.

More than 200 actors, actresses and academics (including Nobel Prize winners) on Wednesday published the broadside in the French newspaper Le Monde demanding that world leaders and lowly citizens take the deadly, job-killing pandemic as an opportunity to reshape human society.

To celebrities living the gilded lifestyle – men and women such as Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix — the breathtaking progress of the post-World War II world has been a disaster. (Is it just a coincidence that all four of those, and many other signers, are well known for hating President Donald Trump?)

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“The pursuit of consumerism and an obsession with productivity have led us to deny the value of life itself: that of plants, that of animals, and that of a great number of human beings,” the statement said, according to The Daily Wire. “Pollution, climate change, and the destruction of our remaining natural zones have brought the world to a breaking point.

“The radical transformation we need — at all levels — demands boldness and courage. It will not happen without a massive and determined commitment. We must act now. It is as much a matter of survival as one of dignity and coherence.”

They should talk about “coherence.”

It’s rich to hear some of the world’s wealthiest individuals condemn the “pursuit of consumerism and obsession with productivity” when they owe their extremely lucrative careers to the disposable income the masses enjoy thanks to those very things.

Do you think fans of these celebrities are going to agree with them?

To hear from a crowd that routinely flies private jets crow about the dangers of pollution and climate change is infuriating.

And to hear the same crowd that extolls the virtues of abortion start to yammer about “the value of life itself” borders on incomprehensible.

Consistency is not their forte.

It’s not like the humans the world over need Madonna’s singing voice to feed and clothe themselves and their families. As delightful as Penelope Cruz might be to look at, her acting abilities – such as they are – aren’t exactly putting dinner on the table for Middle America. (Or Middle Spain, for that matter.)

Yet they’re among the signatories of an opinion that had the effrontery to declare it’s “unthinkable” to go back to the normal existence so much of the world enjoyed before communist China unleashed the scourge of the coronavirus.

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Thankfully, the statement was greeted by many social media users with the scorn it deserved.

This one put it beautifully.

Of course, no one will be able to live in Hollywood mansions but the celebrities who own them and their Beautiful People guests.

And the new “normal” that has pushed productive citizens toward poverty isn’t likely to put even a dent in the wine cellars of the glitterati.

But that doesn’t stop obnoxiously wealthy airheads from delivering obnoxious sermons about how the rest of humanity should live.

Whether it’s preaching about open borders from behind gated properties or attacking the right of self-defense while being protected by armed guards, the leftists of the entertainment world rarely pass up an opportunity to signal their superiority to the masses below them.

Taking to the soapbox in the middle of a murderous pandemic, preaching a future of poverty in a world that has just seen its economic foundations shaken to the core, might seem extreme to sane people, but to the elites in the highest circles of the liberal heavens, it’s a matter, apparently, of moral duty.

And really, it’s always nice to hear the view from Malibu.

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Joe has spent more than 30 years as a reporter, copy editor and metro desk editor in newsrooms in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Florida. He's been with Liftable Media since 2015.
Joe has spent more than 30 years as a reporter, copy editor and metro editor in newsrooms in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Florida. He's been with Liftable Media since 2015. Largely a product of Catholic schools, who discovered Ayn Rand in college, Joe is a lifelong newspaperman who learned enough about the trade to be skeptical of every word ever written. He was also lucky enough to have a job that didn't need a printing press to do it.