Homeowner Can't Believe What She Caught Mailman Doing on Doorbell Camera


It’s true but sad that many homeowners must go to great lengths to keep themselves safe.

We have developed services for home security that go far beyond the little signs in our front yards warning passersby that the house is protected.

Now we have cameras for everything. Motion-sensing lights that bathe you in a blinding wash of blue light and tiny cameras that can track your every move have become commonplace.

But in a world of porch pirates and bombs concealed in packages, the concern is real. One homeowner recently benefited from her own porch camera.

A mailman had stopped by, busy doing what mailmen do. He rang the doorbell, wanting to deliver a package directly to the recipient.

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Unfortunately, the woman, named Barbara Hickey, couldn’t get to the door immediately, but she watched the recording later and was surprised by what she saw.

Surprised in a very good way.

Apparently, the mailman knew he was being filmed, so instead of standing there awkwardly and waiting for her to not answer the door, he hammed it up.

He danced and danced, turning in circles and performing several high kicks.

After waiting a polite amount of time without being answered, he boogied on over to the mailbox and delivered the mail.

When the mailman, Gary Shirley, found out about how popular the clip had become, he explained, “I try to entertain the best I can.”

This gentleman proves that not all delivery workers are boring or focused solely on getting mail from point A to point B — some of them are in the business of delivering smiles, too.

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The internet contains many examples of other cheery employees. Some express their enthusiasm through dance and song.

Others find ways to connect on a personal level with the people they encounter on their daily rounds.

While many dogs notoriously dislike mailmen, that’s not always the case. Some people go on their rounds prepared, armed with dog treats and a good attitude.

Pups and kids alike have been known to forge bonds with these regulars, and it brightens everyone’s day.

At the root of it, these are just people doing their everyday jobs with joy and looking for opportunities to make other people smile. All of us can follow suit, no matter what our occupation.

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