Homeowner Leaves Note on Ambulance After They Block His Driveway


The infamous windshield note: It’s a familiar communication tool often associated with bad news and anonymity.

Maybe you’ve had notes left for you before — a snarky comment about your bad parking, a half-hearted apology over a fender-bender.

Sometimes the content of the note is a downer but was written in the spirit of goodwill.

“Hello, your back tire is very flat,” I remember reading on a note taped to my windshield after a long day at the office.

Other times, windshield notes are downright scathing and wildly inappropriate, like this abusive note found by a mother from England, after carrying her terminally ill son into the hospital.

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When an ambulance crew from Wales returned to their vehicle after making a house call on Aug. 22, they noticed a prominent note left on the vehicle’s windshield.

They probably expected an insult, but were pleasantly surprised when the note said just the opposite.

“Thank you for blocking my driveway to save a life,” the note read. “Refreshments on me.”

The mystery writer attached a £5 note in addition to the kind words, leaving the Welsh Ambulance Service employees stunned.

Do you think first responders deserve more credit than they get?

We don’t know how long the homeowner’s driveway was blocked, but according to previous reports from the Metro UK, some people fly off the handle at the inconvenience, with ambulance drivers bearing the brunt of people’s impatience and anger.

Employee Dewi Lloyd was so impressed that he snapped a photo of the heartwarming note and posted it on Twitter.

The kind words were just the morale-booster the emergency response crew needed to hear.

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The job of a first responder is often thankless, exhausting, and extremely stressful.

Still, the trained professionals complete their jobs, shift after shift, with admirable dedication and hard work.

“Such a boost for our hardworking crews when they get a heartfelt thank you note for doing a tough job,” said a spokesperson from the Welsh Ambulance Service.

“No financial incentive required! They are just dedicated,” the spokesperson said. “Thank you, anonymous author.”

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