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Horrified Woman Can’t Stop Laughing After Dog Murders Feather Pillow


The more things we own, the more likely it is that those things will be damaged or disappear over time because of circumstances beyond our control. It can be difficult to know how to react to people or animals who destroy our belongings.

Whether it’s the deer demolishing your flowerbed, your kiddo using allll your expensive shampoo to make a bubble bath, or someone accidentally dropping a glass, there’s a moment (or several) of “oh no,” and then you have to get down to business to resolve the situation.

Some people have used the moment of taking it all in to include snapping a photo or video of the scene, either seeing the humor in it immediately or knowing they will later.

It’s pretty amusing to see these photos online, and look into the eyes of the cute culprits — but usually we can commiserate with the poster, because we know what it’s like to have a dog or child run amok.

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Puppies are notorious for chewing, and even bigger dogs have bad habits sometimes. Left to their own devices, they often make their own fun — and that usually includes tapping into their primal instincts and tearing things apart.

Perhaps you’ve left your dog in a nice, tidy house only to come back to a crime scene. Trash half-eaten and strewn around, shoes missing dog-mouth-sized chunks, and stuffing covering the floor like polyester snow is unfortunately a pretty common sight.

And then there’s this pup named Pablo. Cotton and polyester aren’t really his thing — he’s more about those luxurious down pillows.

His owner, Christine Kearney, took photos and video of the feathery snowstorm he caused in the living room when he tore into one of the couch pillows. The grey couch was absolutely covered in feathers, and the air was thick with down.

“Is this real life right now?” she wrote in a Facebook post. “Looks like a million birds got killed in my living room. ????”

“You don’t even feel bad about it?” she asks in the video. “What did you do?”

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Pablo either doesn’t know what he did was bad, or he simply does not care. He lolls in his destruction, snapping at drifting down and seeming very unworried, paying no attention to Kearney as she tries to get him to own up.

“I’m laughing, but I’m mad at you,” she continues. “This is insane right now. Did you chew the feather pillow? Pablo, who did this? Who did this? Hello? Excuse me, that’s rude.”

But Pablo cannot be bothered and is drunk on his power. He sticks his nose into an especially deep drift of feathers and stares at her, finally pulling his face out of the pile, snorting and snapping, a handful of feathers sticking to his nose.

It’s a good thing this pup is so cute! Hopefully he didn’t try that stunt again. Has your dog ever done something naughty like this?

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