Hospital Gathers To Pray for Staff & Patients, As They Also Say Goodbye to 2 Nurses


Nurses are a special breed of people. They have to be tough as nails, yet also have an incredibly gentle and caring side.

They see and deal with some of the most stomach-turning and heart-breaking stuff, and have to have an incredibly strong constitution.

Shifts are rough. Nurses don’t have the same schedules most people do, because emergencies don’t happen according to a schedule.

But the skills they develop are useful throughout their lives and wherever they go. Where there are people, there will be a need for compassionate, professional healthcare.

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The life and death they see can surely take its toll, but many of them fight back with strong faith and heartfelt prayer.

A video from the nurses at Covenant Health has been making the rounds and illustrating how earnestly the nurses seek the face of God and ask for His blessing and protection.

Sonia M Diaz posted the video on Facebook. “We Pray Everyday For Our Patients,” she wrote. “Families and Co-Workers……today was also a farewell to 2 great nurses…

As one nurse prays over the two nurses who will be going to work at another location, the camera pans around to show dozens of nurses, bowing their heads and raising their hands towards the two at the center.

It’s clear by her wavering voice that the woman praying over the two nurses is genuine in her requests. Though the emotion in her voice makes the words difficult to understand, they went something like this:

“Let their hands be like healing and comfort to the ones they care for. Lord, we ask that you would give them favor. We ask you to encourage them to be the leaders you’ve called them to be.

“Let them be confident knowing that you are guiding their every step. Lord, give them patience, strength, most of all love as they walk in their new paths.”

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“Help them to seek you in the difficult times as well as the (lighter) times. Lord, we ask that you send them on their new journeys with open hands, knowing that they have made the right decisions.”

“Lord, place a hand of protection around them and all of our staff. Bless up those that are sick, crying, dying, that they might find comfort and peace in you. And we ask this in your precious name, Jesus, Amen.”

What an encouraging way for these nurses to come together to show their love for each other and their patients, and what a lovely glimpse into their strong faith!

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