House Republicans Attempt to Hold China Accountable for COVID Since Biden and Democrats 'Have No Plan' to Do So


House Minority Leader and California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to Republican House members on Monday with a plan to hold China accountable for the pandemic — including a proposal to move the 2022 Winter Olympic Games away from Beijing.

McCarthy noted, “Democrats in Congress and the White House have no plan to hold China accountable.”

As a result, McCarthy has released his own plan.

The congressman said, “As of June, more than 600,000 Americans and 3.8 million people have died worldwide as a result of Covid-19.”

He added, “The unfortunate reality is that countless friends and family members could have been saved had it not been for the deception of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). A March 2020 report by the University of Southampton found if interventions in China could have been conducted one, two, or three weeks earlier, cases could have been reduced by 66 percent, 86 percent and 95 percent respectively.”

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Regarding allegations that China hid information about the coronavirus, McCarthy said, “Evidence continues to indicate that the CCP intentionally hid information and lied about what it knew to be true about the virus.

“Additionally, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom knowingly and willfully downplayed or outright denied the Chinese government’s malfeasance, and instead chose to cower to the CCP rather than stand up for the international community.”

He continued, “Like all of you, I am deeply angry about the avoidable loss of life, hope, and futures resulting from the CCP’s actions. They and their conspirators must be held accountable.”

His letter said that “We can start with these eight pillars that deliver transparency and justice to the American people.”

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The four pillars proposed under “transparency” included the following: “Declassification of Intelligence,” “Prohibit Gain of Function Research in and with China,” “Prohibition on National Institutes of Health (NIH) Funding to Malevolent Foreign Governments” and “WHO Overhaul and Counterintelligence Investigation.”

In the area of justice, the minority leader proposed four more pillars: “Investigations and Utilizing Existing Authorities,” “Visa Restrictions and Sanctions,” “Waiving Chinese Sovereign Immunity” and “Relocation of the 24th Olympic Winter Games.”

The call to move the Olympics away from China is especially controversial.

McCarthy said, “Given the CCP’s active coverup of Covid-19 and contribution to the 3.8 million deaths worldwide, China should not be rewarded by allowing Beijing to host the Winter Olympics in 2022.”

With the event less than two years away, any change would deal a major financial blow to China and open the door to a competition to see who would serve as the new host.

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McCarthy’s letter is not the first time he has been critical of the U.S. government’s response to the coronavirus.

During a May interview, the congressman said the only reason the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eased its masking rules for vaccinated Americans was to distract people from the skyrocketing gas prices.

The rising gas prices were in response to high fuel demand following the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline Company.

Colonial Pipeline operates the largest fuel pipeline in the United States — providing roughly half of all diesel and gasoline on the East Coast — and became aware of a cyberattack from hackers linked to a group called DarkSide last Friday, promptly shutting down its operations.

Because of the shutdown, there was a shortage of fuel at many gas stations along the coast.

“You know the only reason why they changed not wearing the mask?” McCarthy told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“Gasoline went to $7 and there were gasoline lines and he wanted to change the news.”

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Dillon Burroughs reports on breaking news for The Western Journal and is the author or co-author of numerous books.
Dillon Burroughs reports on breaking news for The Western Journal and is the author or co-author of numerous books. An accomplished endurance athlete, Burroughs has also completed numerous ultramarathons. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and three children.