Husband Trying to Rush Wife in Labor to Hospital, Pulls Over in Target Parking Lot


New Hampshire woman Sara Tolliday was still days away from her due date, so when she started experiencing contractions, it took her off-guard.

She and her husband hadn’t planned on rushing to the hospital that day, but their baby refused to wait.

Without a second thought, Sara shouted to her husband and ran to the car. She didn’t even stop to put socks or shoes on her feet.

“So I was getting ready, and then things started to progress a bit — faster than I expected,” Sara said. Only a few minutes down the road, Sara’s water broke.

After that, the reality of the situation started to set in. “I was just telling myself, ‘I have to do this right now. I have to do this myself,'” Sara told WMUR.

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“And I couldn’t even say it out loud because if I said it out loud, then I think I just would’ve panicked,” she related.

Sam, Sara’s Husband, pulled into a Target parking lot when he realized his wife wouldn’t make it to the hospital.

“It was just so intense and fast, but then I was like, ‘She’s out.’ And (Sam) was like, ‘What do you mean, she’s out?'” Sara recalled. “And he stopped the car, looked over and there she was.”

Sam called the police and reported the labor. Not long after, Officer James Cormier arrived with a blanket for the newborn baby.

“Usually when we have this call, it’s usually they say they’re delivering,” Cormier said. “But then you see they’re crowning or you see a little bit of the baby’s head.

“You never can see the whole baby is coming out, so I was a little shocked to see that,” he continued. Liv Tolliday was born at 1:13 A.M. on Jan. 13.

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Mother and baby were transported to the hospital in an ambulance to make sure everything was taken care of and that they were both doing well.

Sara and Liv are both resting after the ordeal. Liv was as healthy as any baby when she arrived at the hospital.

When she’s old enough, Sara will have a fantastic birthing story to tell her daughter. “It’s pretty amazing. Your body just does amazing things,” she said.

Liv will soon be joining her big brother Ben after they go home from the hospital. Sara also happens to work at that hospital, so she was probably more equipped to deal with her own birth than most.

Apparently she was also quite familiar with the store whose lot she gave birth in. “I love Target anyway,” she said. “It will be an ongoing joke her whole life; this is where you were born.”

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