I Just Found Out I've Been Doing These 4 Household Chores Completely Wrong


In the spirit of spring cleaning, many of us are taking advantage of the mild temperatures to prepare and clean for the summer.

And while I wish that spring cleaning could be as fabulous as Snow White made it look in the 1937 Disney classic film, that is just not the case. My cleaning doesn’t involve adorable woodland creatures.

My hair is up in a messy bun, I’m wearing yoga pants, and Taylor Swift is blaring from my phone.

If I’m being quite honest, I don’t always know the best way to clean everything so videos that show household hacks are extremely interesting to me. Especially when I learn that I could be doing things more efficiently.

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Meaghan Murphy, the editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping, just revealed four common household chores that you may be doing completely wrong. I know I have been.

Did you know that there is an incorrect way to wipe down your counters? Most people spray down their counters and then immediately wipe with a rag or paper towel.

Murphy said that by wiping the cleaner away immediately, you’re not allowing it enough time to properly disinfect your counters. She recommends waiting 10 minutes before you wipe.

If you have trouble remembering, set a timer on your phone or on the microwave to remind you to come back and finish cleaning.

Have you been doing these household chores wrong?

Another household chore that many people do incorrectly involves the blender! When making smoothies, many dump the solid food in first and then the liquid. This can result in a not-so-smooth smoothie.

In fact, we should be doing the opposite. If the liquid goes in first, Murphy said that it creates a vortex that allows the blender to work more efficiently.

We may also be loading our dishwasher incorrectly.

She said, “You want to load the dishes in the center of the dishwasher facing inwards because that’s where the strongest spray is, and that’s gonna get the dishes the cleanest.”

The fourth chore correction Murphy gave completely surprised me. Do you store some of your clothes in dry cleaner bags?

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If you do, know that those plastic bags aren’t as protective as you think. While they may keep dust off your clothes, they also trap moisture inside and may result in mildew.

A better solution would be an old pillowcase with a small hole cut in the top for the hanger to fit through. It’s much more breathable and will still keep dust off of your clothes.

I definitely didn’t know that I was doing these chores wrong.

Did any of these surprise you?

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