Idiot Inmate Starts Facebook Live Video, Now He'll Be Behind Bars Even Longer


Here’s a word of advice: If you’re going to commit a heinous crime, it’s probably not smart to literally broadcast yourself talking about it to the entire world.

Joseph Fletcher is a 30-year-old convict in Ohio. He’s currently serving prison time for a weapons charge, but was set to be released in May.

Now that may all change. In a move that can only be described as shockingly stupid, the criminal apparently confessed to a murder from his own prison cell after starting a Facebook Live video.

“During a 49-minute unsupervised Facebook Live video Fletcher calls himself a ‘motivational speaker for gangsters,’ says he ‘runs Akron’ and discusses the September 2010 murder of LaDonte Smith, who was found shot to death inside a car in the 700 block of Wall Street,” reported WJW News.

Fletcher apparently used a smuggled cell phone to live-stream the video, but it hadn’t occurred to him that the public and law enforcement could see his post.

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Another man already took responsibility for the murder of Smith years ago, but the boneheaded Fletcher openly bragged that he was the one who had actually pulled the trigger.

“If it wasn’t for Champy I’d have a life sentence right now,” the convict admitted, referencing the name of the other man who took the fall for LaDonte Smith’s murder.

“You know I still got love for (Tay). The streets is mean like… But RIP Tay,” said the inmate..

Fletcher made a gun motion with his hands and boasted, “I did it….everybody know I did it….I love Tay…..A situation presented itself…you can’t be mad….” He then responded to a viewer of the live video and declared, “you ain’t going to do nothing about it.”

Is this video solid evidence of who really pulled the trigger?

One person who definitely wants to do something about the shocking video is Lashoane Andrus, the mother of the man who was murdered.

“It really hurt me. I sat at the table for like a half hour just sitting there, just staring, just watching the video over and over again because my thing is I can’t understand how you said you did it and in the same breath turn around and say, ‘I love ‘Tay,’” said Andrus.

As of Feb. 1, the video was still publicly available on Facebook, posted under Fletcher’s own profile.

Officials are staying tight lipped about how a convicted criminal managed to receive a smuggled cell phone and make a Facebook video.

“The Federal Bureau of Prisons could not, as of Tuesday, explain how he was able to get a cell phone into his cell to be able to post the live video,” reported the WJW television station. “Akron police are aware of the video but they are not commenting on it.”

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It isn’t completely clear what will happen now, but it seems almost impossible for authorities to ignore a video confession… and Joseph Fletcher most likely added decades to his prison sentence by his own stupidity.

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