Incredible Moment Caught on 4D Ultrasound of Unborn Baby


It is an amazing time, when a mother begins to feel her baby moving during pregnancy. The movements can seem strange and a bit of a mystery.

When the day for the first ultrasound comes, many expectant couples can’t wait to show off the screenshots. They look forward to seeing their unborn child for the first time.

Will it be a boy or a girl? Will there be ten fingers and ten toes?

With today’s ultrasonic technology, expectant parents may find themselves seeing much more that fingers and toes.

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Welcome the 4D Ultrasound. As parents watched this new technology at work, they were amazed by the incredible detail of what is happening inside the womb.

Incredible video footage showed all of the things that a parent would expect to see.

There was the fetus and little fingers and toes, but with the 4D ultrasound there was so much more!

In the video,  the tiny person turned its head, lifted an arm and gave a wave to the camera. There were other movements that appeared to be stretching, yawning and dancing.

An online medical group, Meddy Bear, also posted a video on their Facebook page. Meddy Bear is a company created in 2012 to connect the medical community “before, during and after medical school.”

In the video, as the parents watched the ultrasound at work, the baby began to turn and face the camera.

After the quick wave, it began to kick out causing the discomfort that the mother had felt many times as the baby moved.

The mystery of what is gong on in the womb is being unraveled.

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It seemed that much of what the fetus is doing inside is the same behavior and movement that will happen on the outside once it is finally born.

There was nose scratching and eye rubbing and even a yawn. Most viewers were amazed by the amount of movement going on.

The Facebook posts received many positive comments. One woman wrote, “It is so amazing. Being pregnant is a wonderful blessing.They are so sweet even in the womb, not only after they have been born.”

That commenter is so right; and with the power of 4D ultrasounds, now parents can see and experience that fact in a whole new way.

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