Internet Obsessed with Recording of Sweet Parrot Saying 'Gonna Feed the Babies'


When you think of a household pet, your mind probably goes immediately to cats and dogs. They’re American family staples, and almost everyone has interacted with one at some point or another.

Birds are another common category, though fewer people have had the joy and terror (sometimes at the same time) that is owning a parrot.

Bird lovers are particular people. Just like people often call dogs “doggos” or “puppers,” bird owners are smitten with their “birbs.”

And it’s not hard to see why. There is a ton of variety in the bird world; you can procure anything from tiny, antsy finches in neutral colors to large, brightly colored parrots who can (and will) repeat the things you say.

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They have personality, too. Cockatiels and parakeets are fairly common pets and can be incredibly personable — especially when hand-raised.

Some parrots act downright human. They recognize their people and get excited to see them the same way a dog or child is happy to see a parent come home.

The thing that sets them apart, of course, is their noise. And oh man, can they make noise (watch the volume on the video below!).

This is what separates the true bird lovers from those who dabble. The die-hard fanatics embrace the birds, screams and all.

Parrots can scream for many reasons. If they’re angry, they scream one way, if they’re scared they scream another. Heck, they scream when they’re happy, too.

But the talking is one of the most endearing and unnerving parts of their vocalizations. They’re one of the few creatures that can imitate so convincingly that people often mistake their bird’s chatter for a real human being.

While it’s difficult to tell just how aware birds are regarding when to say certain phrases, they can definitely imitate words and remember the contexts that their humans used them in.

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This can lead to rather uncanny situations like the one below, which make the bird — Ozzie — seem like he’s more aware of what’s going on than most would give him credit for.

Ozzie is a male Moustache Parakeet, and while those aren’t his babies, he is a helper to almost all the babies that his owner raises.

He clearly loves being around hatchlings and has picked up the appropriate lingo to use around them.

The cute voice singing out “Gonna feed the babies!” and “I love you babies” has stolen people’s hearts. Ozzie is clearly a talented fellow!

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