As Israel Battles Terrorists, Michigan Student Body Accuses Nation of 'Ethnic Cleansing'


University students in Michigan issued a statement this week condemning Israel’s attempts to defend itself against the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

The Central Student Government, representing some 43,000 students at the University of Michigan, issued a statement on Twitter arguing that Israel was guilty of “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid” going back to the creation of the Israeli nation in 1948.

“This is not a ‘conflict,'” the news release states, “but emblematic of Israeli settler-colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid.”

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The non-conflict that these poor, brainwashed students are referring to is the launching of more than 1,000 rockets this week at Israeli cities by the Palestinian-based terrorist organization Hamas, which is currently answering extremist calls for a new jihad to exterminate the Jewish “Zionist usurpers.”

The attack on Israel is the first major rocket attack since the 2014 Gaza War and, in no uncertain terms, is a conflict of potentially catastrophic proportions.

A U.N. Middle East envoy warned that the conflict was “escalating towards a full-scale war,” and that violent unrest has erupted throughout Israel, led by anti-Jewish elements of the nation’s Arab minority, according to BBC.

Despite the glaring problems associated with condemning a legitimate nation-state to defend itself from terrorism, bashing Israel and its Jewish leadership has become something of a trend among liberals

Do you support Israel?

This is because the left has made a point of referring to Israel’s policy of settling and annexing border regions with Palestine as a form of colonialism.

Indeed, the practice is controversial, and where one stands on the issue largely depends either on one’s preconceived ideas as to whether Israel or Palestine are the “good guys,” or whether one wants America to have allies in the Middle East.

Leftists such as the University of Michigan students use the word “occupation” to champion the view that Israel is illegally occupying and taking territory from Palestine, which would violate the 49th article of the Geneva Conventions barring forcible relocation.

Proponents of the practice, however, can argue that Israel is defining its borders in alignment with the old British territory of Mandatory Palestine, which the international community has failed to do for over 70 years, and that what Israel is doing is justifiable in terms of maintaining its sovereignty and security.

The University of Michigan students didn’t stop at hating Israel or its policies, however.

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Indeed, they argued that their own university was complicit in ethnic cleansing for not simply refusing to deal with Israel wholesale.

“By extension,” their statement reads, “the University of Michigan remains complicit by choosing to not divest from Israeli companies profiting off of the settler state’s occupation.”

The notion of poor Israeli settlers on the often-violent borderlands of their nation having amazing profits is, of course, laughable.

What is important here though is the language of “divesting,” as it demonstrates that the students have aligned themselves with the overtly anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement that radical Palestinian supporters have used to undermine Jewish leadership worldwide.

Indeed, many online are now seeing just how racist much of the support for Palestine and its terroristic leadership is.

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo pointed out one example of a famous Pakistani actress sharing alleged Hitler quotes to encourage violence against Israel.

Alas, it appears that students at the University of Michigan are being radicalized into aligning with actual terrorists in the name of some utopian dream of global liberation.

All Americans should pray that national leadership proves capable of demonstrating greater wisdom than these sycophantic tykes.

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