James Woods Pulls Out Dictionary To Bury Leftists Attacking Kavanaugh


He touts the #walkaway movement on his Twitter bio. Outspoken actor James Woods has no trouble expressing himself, or going against the left when he believes they are wrong about something.

In the midst of all the attacks against Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Woods has again spoken up. One of his tweets used a dictionary to take direct aim at the mysterious letter Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein gave to the FBI regarding Kavanaugh.

The letter, shrouded in secrecy, had reportedly been read by virtually no one in the Senate, Democrat or Republican. Feinstein kept details of the contents largely to herself. But rumors flew that it contained some bombshell about Kavanaugh while he was in high school.

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Woods has taken aim specifically at Feinstein over the letter. His tweets make his feelings about her and her action abundantly clear.

The FBI, as a part of their normal protocol, handed the “bombshell” letter over to the White House as part of the Kavanaugh vetting file. The FBI did not investigate the matter, as Feinstein appears to have hoped that they would.

But Feinstein is not his only target. Woods has also taken aim at Senator Cory Booker and his “I am Spartacus” moment, which turned into an epic fail for the senator.

In a more serious moment, Woods shared a sentiment others have expressed. It was regarding similarities between Kavanaugh’s confirmation process and that of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

But it isn’t just politicians who suffer his wrath. When he gets trolled, he hits back, too.

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Woods is one of the rare few in Hollywood who publicly support President Donald Trump. He is also one of the rare few who will call out the left.

His Twitter account is wildly popular, with Woods having approximately 1.71 million followers. In fact, he recently addressed that very thing:

His tweets aren’t all jabs at the left or praise for Trump’s successes. Woods is an animal lover, so he also tweets cute animal things and rails against animal abusers.

Additionally, he shares other stories of hope, inspiration and kindness.

Is James Woods right to attack the left over their actions during Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings?

Once in a while Woods even shares insights into his career in Hollywood. He recently shared several tweets about being in the debut Rockford Files episode, which resulted in a lifelong friendship with the show’s star, the late James Garner.

If there is one thing all of Woods’ tweets have in common, it’s that none of them shy away from expressing his thoughts on any subject. Woods is not a man afraid to speak his mind.

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