James Woods Excoriates 'Believe All Women' Movement With 1 Damning Video


As a woman it’s pretty difficult to look at the #BelieveWomen movement and not want to lend a certain amount of support to it. But this movement, like so many others that are hijacked by the left, is really just another load of liberal garbage.

It has done little more than open the door for histrionics and manufactured abuse claims by (mainly) women who want to help further an agenda orchestrated for the purposes of upending a conservative culture.

And sometimes someone comes along who has an uncanny knack for pointing out the obvious with very little effort. That person in the instance of the #BelieveWomen movement is James Woods.

Since his reinstatement to Twitter, Woods has been on fire with just such commentary about the leftist litter cluttering up our culture. On Friday, he excoriated the #BelieveWomen movement with the best example of why it’s nonsense:

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This short video posted by Woods on his Twitter feed perfectly exemplifies the very thing that #BelieveWomen has become. And some of the followup to Woods’ post shows that he’s connected with a chunk of Americans who get that point.

And I love this replay perhaps most of all.

I think in this day and age where Americans are wise to liberal spin, the left is going to see a lot more of this kind of thing popping up on their radar. Soon I hope they will be too busy backtracking their lies from the past to be effective in doing much of anything else in regard to gaining political power.

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The #BelieveWomen movement transcends issues. It’s not just about sexual assault and abuse. It’s clearly political, as we see from Twitter’s response to the left’s own Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who as recently Monday proved we couldn’t believe the Massachusetts Democrat’s claims of Native American ancestry.

Maybe the left will abandon the #BelieveWomen movement and promote the #BelieveDNA movement instead.

As the political landscape changes before the midterm elections, I look forward to more no-nonsense wisdom from the tweets of James Woods, and from those who follow him for that matter.

It’s heartwarming to see the dramatic shift in American thought and just how little tolerance we have for the irrationality of the left.

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