So apparently liberals are allergic to that wonderful construct called reality. As it became increasingly clear that Brett Kavanaugh was going to be our next Supreme Court justice, the protests against him became increasingly febrile — and futile.

You don’t need to go far on social media to find something to laugh your head off at — but for my money, James Woods just passed along to his 1.77 million Twitter followers what might be the best example we’ve seen thus far.

This one happened on Capitol Hill, where plenty of protesters have been apparently moving to and fro without all that much interference if the news is any indication. There are certain places they can’t go, however — and one of them is the Supreme Court, when it’s not open.

Still, protesters thronged up the Supreme Court steps on Saturday, according to NBC. You can’t blame them for trying. Trying in the most fruitless of ways, mind you. But still trying, which is what counts.

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“Always good to watch comedy before falling asleep, and Lordy, these nitwits are good for a laugh…” Woods wrote in a tweet.

The video Woods picked up had been posted earlier by Benny Johnson (formerly of BuzzFeed, now of The Daily Caller).

In other Twitter posts, Johnson noted what Kavanaugh had been subjected to.

Yes, owning the libs was, in this case, pretty satisfying. This wasn’t the only craziness going on in Washington or around the country, mind you.

Social media was chock-a-block of this sort of thing after Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Here’s one of the tweets we can feel comfortable embedding. It’s from Jerry Saltz, senior art critic for New York Magazine:

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Rise, rise. Pry open the Senate door with your bare hands. Fail, fail. Bang on it. Don’t get let in, don’t get let in. Get internet famous on a livestream that gets retweeted by James Woods. Ouch, ouch.

Of course, this is all fun and games until the left gets it in their mind to try something with a bit more juice.

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“I’m extremely disturbed,” Andrea Davis, 59, told the New York Daily News on Friday. “Putting aside the sexual assault, look at him. This is the icing on the cake. He’s incredibly conservative and his views are mind blowing.”

And Davis wasn’t done.

“This is probably going to escalate,” she told the Daily News. “I think there’s going to be riots in the streets.”

If at first you don’t succeed, try to claw the Senate door down. If then you don’t succeed, perhaps consider a riot. Then get academics to call it an “uprising” and insist anyone who calls it a riot is trying to impose their white supremacist heteronormativity on America.

At least we can laugh at this sort of ineffectual protest now, but it’s a lot less funny when there are death threats, doxing and riots involved.

Until then, however, we can certainly have a good laugh along with James Woods.

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