Jeffery Ford: Here's Why Leftists Truly Hate Conservatives


There’s only one thing that leftists hate as much as America, and that’s the millions of fact-based, faith-based conservatives who are the human embodiment of everything that makes America and the entire Western world far superior to every other country and culture that has ever existed.

Leftists are no longer trying to hide their abject hatred for America. They’ve become dangerously emboldened and are vehemently protesting against our right to even exist as a sovereign country, with antifa openly chanting “No borders. No nations. Stop the deportations” and “No Trump. No Wall. No USA at all!”

Leftists hate conservatives because they are damned by any comparison with them. Conservatives believe in personal accountability and in the power of the individual to make a profound difference in our world. The left doesn’t believe in the power of the individual anywhere near as much as it believes in the absolute power of the collectivist state — where everyone suffers equally and are rewarded for their efforts minimally.

Conservatism Is for the Strong at Heart, Whereas Leftism Is for the Weak in Spirit.

Conservatism appeals to those who simply require the opportunity to go out and stake their claim in the world where they can use their many unique strengths and cultivated talents to succeed at their highest potential. Liberalism appeals to those who desire the safety net of a nanny state for both themselves and others where not much will be either demanded or expected from them.

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Conservatives demand the freedom to make their own choices in life, with only the most minimal of governmental interference – and even then only when it’s absolutely necessary. Liberals desire the freedom to avoid making choices and truly desire to have the government micromanage their lives right down to whether they will be allowed to sip out of a paper or plastic straw.

With freedom comes responsibility and accountability, and that is terrifying for a leftist to face because they must know (even if it’s at a subconscious level) that their political and economic belief systems are based more upon utopian fantasies than based upon any semblance of reality.

Just as the 9/11 hijackers hated America for its freedoms, so too does the American leftist hate us for subjecting them to the high risks that are inherent in a free capitalist society and that is precisely why they have been working night and day for decades now to destroy our country.

The Cultural Cold War Is Over and the Hot War Has Begun

Do you think leftists want to tear down America as we know it?

America has been in a cultural cold war for years and many of us didn’t even realize we were fighting. The left claimed many victorious battles during this cold war and it has now emboldened them to take violent actions in the streets.

The left has successfully laid waste to our nation’s educational system. Over time, they have covertly transformed our educational system from being one of the best in the world into an indoctrination system that would have made Joseph Goebbels proud.

Leftists have also succeeded in degrading us culturally through their postmodernist attacks on objective reality. They’ve succeeded in deceiving a large percentage of our population with the ridiculous notion that all cultures are equal and that all religions are the same at their very core. That’s demonstrably false and would be readily obvious to any sentient being if those people’s minds hadn’t already been neutralized by our nation’s public schools.

One of the left’s greatest victories over America has been its infiltration and domination of almost every important aspect of our news media. But all is not lost. As a matter of fact, conservatives are closer to winning the hearts and minds of the vast majority of American people than ever before.

Liberalism, socialism and communism (please forgive the redundancy) cannot thrive in the light of day and President Donald Trump has our nation’s news media, educational systems and national liberal political leaders right in his headlights.

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Trump is no weak-kneed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney or Arizona Senator John McCain. When the media lied about Trump, he went straight to Twitter and told the truth about the lying fake news media. Whether you’re a Christian conservative or not, you just have to love how Trump tells the truth and shames those leftist elites who have enjoyed too much power for far too long.

So don’t be the least bit afraid for the United States of America when you see those dangerous leftist thugs hitting the streets with their black masks and violent tendencies. Their repugnant behaviors only serve to solidify in true Americans minds what we have always known — that leftism and socialism are true dangers to our country and will not be allowed to flourish in light of their actions.

Thankfully for us all, leftism always turns against itself. Now we just need to remain vigilant, vote responsibly, fight for our First and Second Amendment rights, and bask in the glory of watching the Democratic Party further implode upon itself.

There’s never been a finer time to be an American.

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Jeffery Ford is an author and guest on numerous talk radio shows.
Jeffery Ford is an author and frequent guest on numerous talk radio shows.