Jill Biden Says Trump 'Can't Put a Sentence Together' Live on 'The View' - She Clearly Hasn't Met Her Husband


Does first lady Jill Biden even know who her husband is?

When the president’s wife appeared on “The View” Wednesday, she made one of the most hypocritical possible statements when she claimed that former President Donald Trump “can’t put a sentence together.”

Is Mrs. Biden even aware that President Joe Biden is infamous for constantly making both physical and verbal blunders?

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Her husband is the man who reads the parts on the teleprompter you’re not supposed to say out loud, and who struggles to walk up a flight of stairs, and she wants to claim Donald Trump is the one who “can’t put a sentence together”?

The first lady made this comment when she was discussing the importance of debates between the two presidential candidates.

Is Joe Biden mentally fit to be president?

“I think the American people deserve a debate, because you need to see your choices,” she told “The View” hosts.

“You need to see Trump and you need to see the president and you need to see the differences.”

She then made her ridiculous claim that Trump “can’t put a sentence together” before continuing to spout more biased nonsense.

“This election is not about age, because Donald Trump is going to be, what, 78 and Joe’s 81,” she said. “They’re basically the same age.”

She claimed the election is really “about character.”

“You have two choices — my husband Joe, who you all know, who has integrity, he’s strong, he’s steady, he’s a leader, he’s smart, he’s energetic — or you have chaos.”

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Needless to say, her entire appearance on “The View” was extremely biased and disingenuous.

From her claims about Trump to her saying that with more Republicans on the Supreme Court, Americans “will lose all of [their] rights.”

It’s unsurprising that Democrats need to rely on measures like slander to get their candidate in office, since there actually are a daunting number of issues with President Biden.

But perhaps if they really wanted to win in November, they could work on improving their performance on key issues rather than trying to drag Trump down to their level.

However, playing fair and honest has never been the Democrats’ way.

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