Joy Behar Whines That Country Music Award Show Isn't Political Enough


While many Americans lament the politicization of everyday entertainment, talk show host Joy Behar is calling for even more.

While discussing the annual Country Music Association awards during “The View” on Thursday, Behar bashed country music stars for not touching on politics during their 52nd awards show earlier this week.

The hosts of “The View” noted that the CMA awards was really the only offering of non-political entertainment these days other than cooking shows.

Behar, however, was not pleased with co-hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley’s decision not to bring politics to the show.

“I believe that everybody should be involved in politics right now. I really do,” Behar said as the audience applauded.

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“I don’t believe that you get a pass just because you’re a performer,” she continued.

“My personal belief is that we are in an emergency. The democracy is at risk, and everybody should be speaking up, everybody.”

Even vocally far-left co-host Whoopi Goldberg called it a “welcome break” from endless political talk and said that sometimes people don’t feel like having to talk about politics.

Should more celebrities be talking politics?

Co-host Sunny Hostin’s opinion was that some musicians stay neutral on politics to avoid hurting their brands.

“I know that if I stayed neutral I would make ten times more money than I earn, to tell the truth, but I make the decision to speak my mind and give my opinion,” Behar said to audience cheers.

Fortunately for Behar, she makes her bread and butter giving voice to her opinions daily on TV.

However, some say that not making the CMA awards a political event hurt their ratings. Deadline reports that while the CMA awards was Wednesday’s most watched program, it was the award show’s lowest-rated broadcast ever.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor told Fox News that the CMA awards may have suffered from being associated with other award shows like the Oscars and Emmys, which have become notoriously political.

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“The CMAs are victims of how politicized award shows have become. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t political,” Gainor said. “How are viewers supposed to know that ahead of time when every other award show is a parade of lefty loons?”

Speaking of which, Behar’s comments really show how far removed she is from the average American. Her idea that every waking moment must be filled with spouting political rhetoric is not a model most people can keep up with.

That said, she does a pretty good job of following it herself, whether it’s accidentally saying she hopes President Trump doesn’t live long, calling Brett Kavanuagh’s Supreme Court nomination a symbol of “white power,” or mocking the vice president’s Christian beliefs.

Good thing for Behar, she has plenty of celebrities weighing in with their expert political takes.

As for the rest of us, we’ll be enjoying our cooking shows.

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