Kellyanne Conway Goes Off During Wild Debate with CNN's Cuomo: 'This Is No Longer the CNN They Knew'


Wild Debate. “Off the Rails.” Both great ways to characterize Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway‘s “interview” on CNN with television show host Chris Cuomo.

The video of the fiasco is more than 30 minutes long and the topics of conversation were all over the map. Both Conway and Cuomo continually changed topic midstream and accused each other of being liars, potentially leaving viewers wondering what in the world the interview was supposed to be about to begin with or who could be trusted.

To the credit of both Cuomo and Conway, for the most part the tone was fairly calm and there was no screaming. However, both continually interrupted the other, talked over each other, rarely let points be made in full and kept changing the topic at machine-gunfire speed.

But the heart and soul of the entire verbal sparring match of Conway vs. Cuomo was the repeated accusations of lying. Lying by CNN, lying by Conway, lying by Cuomo, lying by Trump. One example is found in this tweeted 50-second long video clip:

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At one point during the “interview,” in frustration, Cuomo lashed out at Conway, “You should admit (Trump is) lying, and you don’t, and that’s why people don’t trust you. That’s why, right there.”

Underneath Cuomo talking over her, Conway responded, “You know what? Maybe your audience doesn’t. This is no longer the CNN they knew.”

Less than two minutes later, she brought it up again. Conway told Cuomo, “When you say to me, that ‘This is why the audience doesn’t trust you,’ you know why the audience doesn’t trust the White House.”

“Because all day long on your network, all we hear is how terrible we all are. That we lack integrity. That we lie,” Conway said.

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It seemed that during the entire segment, virtually every topic introduced was accompanied by an accusation by at least one of them that the other, or their “camp,” was lying. It didn’t matter if it was hush money payments, illegal immigration, or the opioid crisis in America.

One example of the verbal topic ping pong match, which also included accusations of lying, begins at the 17:40 mark. It went like this for the next 60 seconds:

Conway: poverty

Conway: unemployment rate

Cuomo: all good under President Barack Obama, and now good under President Donald Trump

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Conway: Obamacare

Cuomo: individual mandate removed

Conway: HR6

Cuomo: “Who brought you on TV to talk about opioids?”

Conway: “What is it about powerful, articulate women on TV that bother you as guests?”

It is unclear what the point of inviting Conway to be a guest on the show was, other than to call her and President Trump liars in front of the CNN audience. No topic was covered to any good degree, no answer was allowed in full and nothing else of note was accomplished.

For some the segment might be pure entertainment and for others it might just be headache-inducing. With CNN ratings in the tank, perhaps “shark-jumping” tactics such as spending approximately 30 minutes calling a guest and her boss liars represents nothing left to lose.

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