Kevin Hart Learns Leftists Aren't His Friends After Son's 'Cowboys & Indians' Party Results in Horrible Attacks


Actor and comedian Kevin Hart just got served a nasty lesson from the left about political correctness and victimhood culture — all because of a child’s birthday party.

Hart and his wife, Eniko Parrish, threw their son Kenzo a “Cowboys and Indians” themed party for his first birthday.

Thrilled with how well it went, Parrish shared images and video on Instagram.

The couple soon learned the party’s theme was a problem — at least to those on the left.

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Accusations flew in the posts’ comments regarding “cultural insensitivity,” with one critic equating it to a “Master and Slave” themed party.

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“This is just as bad as black face,” a commenter said.

Do you think Kevin Hart and his wife should apologize for their child's birthday party theme?

“Throwin a ‘Cowboys & Indians’ birthday party on ‘Thanksgiving’ celebrates genocide, white supremacy, & slavery,” said another.

One critic charged that “culture isn’t a costume.”

Others referred to the party in terms such as “offensive” and “gross” and attacked the couple’s parenting.

Some were less harsh but just as condescending.

“I wish someone had pulled you aside before you went and did this and explained why it’s not ok,” one person said. “It’s 2018, people should know better by now.”

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Several days have passed and the Instagram photos are still up for the world to see, along with the nasty attacks posted in response. USA Today reported that the Harts haven’t commented on the controversy.

It’s refreshing that they haven’t taken down the images or apologized for their party. Celebrities faced with PC backlashes usually cave in to the pressure.

In the end, even a simple child’s birthday party isn’t safe from attack by the left.

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