Kid Thinks He’s Outsmarted Cop with Hiding Spot, But Nest Camera Catches Him on Video

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Cameras are wonderful and terrible things. They capture our brightest and best moment as well as our most mortifying, preserving our likenesses and actions for posterity.

They’ve given us new opportunities, as well. Opportunities for communication and spying, helping and hindering — especially when it comes to checking out who is actually at the front door.

Take this young man, for example, who used his family’s security camera to ask his dad — who was at work — a very important question: how to get the kid’s channel on the TV.

Not everyone is so clever with their appearances.

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While some videos have gone viral depicting people lip-syncing to songs or having their act of kindness caught on camera, this kid doesn’t quite make that cut.

The best part is that even though this teen knows the security camera exists, it’s clear he doesn’t have a very good idea of its scope, and his attempts to sneak into the house and avoid his mother’s wrath has now been viewed by thousands.

Following in these boys’ footsteps is another young man who recently had a brush with the law. A Nest security camera video shows a young man crashing into the frame, throwing back a trash can lid, hopping in, and closing it on himself.

Some time later, a cop waltzes by, asking some kids down the street which way the boy ran.

What the video does not accurately convey is how hot and smelly that can was. According to the poster of the video, Zach Pierce, who shared the video on Reddit under the handle RipCity88, the boy took an incredibly unpleasant dive.

At first, Pierce told Inside Edition that he thought the boy was playing hide-and-seek, but as time passed he realized the situation was a little more dire.

The trash can was not empty. It was a hot day. The barrel was black, and in full sun.

“I just wanted to add, it was 90° and the garbage was full,” Pierce wrote. “Also had baby diapers and cat litter. It literally smells of cat piss and baby poop.

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“I don’t know how he made it for 30 minutes in there.”

But the fugitive was dedicated and held out until the cop had passed. When some people challenged Pierce’s claim that the boy had been in there for 30 minutes, he directed people to look at the shadows for proof.

“Also I had a few people saying no way it was 30 minutes,” he said. “But, look at the shadows from the sun in-between edits. It’s was roughly 30 mins.”

Pierce also claimed that the kid was nabbed around an hour later, though he’s still not sure what the crime was and said shoplifting was his best guess.

Plenty of commenters pointed out the officer’s relatively relaxed walk and deduced that the crime mustn’t have been too great — and half an hour in an excrement sauna? Perhaps that was punishment enough.

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