Kids Learn Teacher's Father-in-Law Died, Student Hands Him Gift for Wife That Goes Viral


Kids can do and say the strangest things. Most school-aged children are concerned with their own things.

Things like friends, fitting in, and the long wait for summer vacation fill their minds. But sometimes, those little humans can surprise us.

For one teacher, a tender gift from a student created a river of tears across social media. It was an act of true kindness from the most unlikely place.

One Monday morning, teacher Price Lawrence arrived at school, ready to greet his sixth grade class. He wasn’t quite himself, and for good reason.

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He had received some bad news over the weekend: his wife’s father had died. Kids can be very perceptive, and the change in his mood wasn’t lost on them.

Lawrence’s class asked him about it and he told them what had happened. Little did he know that his young class was now thinking of ways to comfort him.

He made it through the period, and his students were sure to tell him how sad they were for him.

It would have been enough, those kind words from such sweet faces — but there was more.

As the students left the classroom with the customary high fives from Lawrence, one little girl had a special gift to give.

It was a gift that was so touching it would be posted on social media, a reminder of the lessons that we all can learn from our youth.

She handed Lawrence a hand-written note that stated, “Ms. Lawrence, I’m sorry.” Along with the kind note was a small pile of quarters.

The girl had given up her ice cream money for the day, hoping that her teacher would pass it along to his wife.

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She went on to write that when her own father had passed away, the funeral had been expensive and she wanted to help.

After Lawrence posted the touching story, it went viral receiving over 200,000 shares and comments.

The comments talked of the compassion of children, and the lessons that could be learned from this one simple act.

It was more than the note or the money that touched people. It was the total selflessness of one little girl, ready to help someone else, before herself.

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