These Kids Will Never Be the Same After Learning What Trump Thinks About Racism


If the left and establishment media are to be believed, President Donald Trump is a “Nazi” and a “white supremacist.” He has repeatedly been characterized as a man who hates people of color.

This is despite the fact that Trump has spent virtually his entire life in the public eye without any accusations of racism — and had vocal support among blacks both during his campaign and since he’s been in the White House.

This is also despite the implementation of his policies that have benefited the black and Hispanic communities with remarkable declines in unemployment.

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As the adults whine on about how hateful Trump is, children are listening. They are being taught to believe the president of their country hates select members of the population. Maybe he even hates them.

But yet, again, we have another example of how this could not be further from the truth. As part of Bullying Prevention Month, first lady Melania Trump invited sixth-graders from the Washington, D.C., charter school Digital Pioneers Academy to visit the White House last week and watch the movie “Wonder” with her.

The video from the visit shows the students are largely, if not completely, non-white. So if Trump’s White House were racist, why, of all the students who could be invited, were they the ones chosen?

For many, an invitation to the White House is an honor. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For these children, though, it was more than that. They also got to see and experience for themselves how the “racism” talk is blatant lying.

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These children got to not only have the life-changing experience of being guests at the White House, but of being shown the kindness and affection by a group too many liberals in the country are calling “racists” on a daily basis.

At least one child is shown in the video hugging the first lady. That is hardly the act of a child terrorized by a racist.

The students’ visit was not the first time the Trump White House has reached out to people of color. Rapper Kanye West has famously visited, along with numerous leaders in the black community. Trump has also appointed a number of black conservatives to various posts.

Unlike so many athletes who have made an issue of declining White House invites, before they are even extended, these children showed incredible grace and appreciation.

Do you believe President Trump is a racist?

They took the opportunity many never get and got to experience for themselves what the Trump White House is really all about.

And two things are certain: A trip like this could teach these kids what Trump really thinks about racism. And after the visit, these kids will never be the same.

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