Kind-Hearted Donor Buys $1,000,000 in Toys From Toys 'R' Us To Give Away Before Store Closes


The news that Toys ‘R’ Us is closing has hit people pretty hard, especially for people whose childhood was full of trips to the brightly colored store.

After doing poorly last year and flubbing the holiday season, which is when many toy companies make bank, they made the decision to close for good instead of just shutting down a few stores.

Today is the last day for the chain. After June 29, the store will be history.

People have reacted in very different ways to this news. Some have accepted that this is the way things go and how the world changes.

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Some have shared posts online about how they can’t believe this childhood staple is disappearing.

Others have gone on last-minute shopping sprees to be able to own a little bit of history and be able to give Toys ‘R’ Us gifts to their future children.

But one last-minute shopping spree has all others beat. One unnamed person went out and bought $1 million worth of toys.

The Triangle Town Center location closed its doors a whole day early because of this significant purchase.

Now their last day will be spent packing up the toys so they can be loaded up on a truck.

With the steep discounts being offered this late in the game, a million dollars has got to get you a lot of toys.

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The person who bought out the North Carolina store has big plans for his (or her) acquisitions: They’re being earmarked for local kiddos.

It’s sad that the toy giant is closing down, but this donation is definitely a genius (and generous) way to mark the end of an age.

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